45 Boredom Buster Ideas For Kids – Activity Guide

boredom buster ideas

Are you looking for activity ideas for your kids to do at home? Find some independent activities below, plus some fun ideas you can do together as a family! We’ve included DIY crafts, coloring projects, themed ideas, paper crafts, collaborative activities, educational activities, sensory ideas, outdoor fun, plus activities to get kids active and moving!

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Coloring & DIY Crafts

Add some color and creativity to kid’s routine with crafts to color and DIY craft activities! Kids will love these ideas – from puffy paint to finger puppets to party animals they will be inspired to create their own projects.

Color-Me Squishy Stress Toys Craft Activity

Abstract Art Canvas Painting Activity

Puffy Paint Canvas Craft Activity

DIY Nature Art Prints

4 DIY Headband Decorating Ideas

DIY Patterned Rubbing Plates & Watercolor Resist Art

DIY Cheetah Print Backpack – Kids Craft Activity

DIY Wood Frame Craft for Kids

DIY Mini Gumball Machine Craft for Kids

5 Simple Crayola Craft Activities for Kids

Top 8 Velvet Art Coloring Projects

Peanut Gallery Craft Activity for Kids

Party Animals DIY Craft Activity

Top 10 Mandala Craft Activities

Top 10 DIY Coloring Projects for Kids

Animal Finger Puppets – Easy Craft for Kids

Themed Activities

If you are looking to keep kids busy, plan a fun theme with several activities related to that theme! For example, a rainbow themed activity where kids play with multi-colored playdoh, play a game of pass the baton or rainbow ball, or use rainbow beads to create wearable crafts!

Skin – Thumbnail

10 DIY Llama Crafts & Projects For Kids

12 Pineapple DIY Crafts & Projects For Kids

Zoo Animal Themed Crafts & Activities

10 Unicorn Crafts & Activities for Kids

Dinosaur Themed Activities, Games, and Crafts

DIY Succulent Crafts, Hanging Plants & Air Gardens

7 DIY Superhero Crafts for Kids

Kids Visors Inspired By Our Favorite Characters

Inspirational Craft Projects & Activities For Kids

Paper Crafts

Use construction paper and other simple craft materials to make flowers, mermaids, and more! These are easy ideas that kids can make fairly independently.

DIY Daffodil Paper Craft For Kids

Easy DIY Paper Mermaid Craft

Rain Drop Stained Glass Art – DIY Paper Craft

Collaborative Art & Learning

When your kids are home and need to be kept entertained, why not add some learning to their activities? Have them brush up on their alphabet skills, learn patterns, and color regognition!

Sticker Mosaic Posters – Collaborative Art Activity

D is for Dinosaur – Literacy Craft Activity for Kids

3 Simple Learning Activities for Preschool Students

Kaleidoscope Craft with Educational Activity Ideas

Sensory Ideas

For kids who need sensory stimulation, stress relief, or enjoy hands-on activities, try setting up sensory bins, as well as fun activities with clay or simple household items like shaving cream. And of course, who can forget slime!

How To Make Colorful Sensory Bins For Kids

Watercolor & Shaving Cream DIY Sensory Activity

How to Make Mini Volcanoes – Sensory & STEAM Activity For Kids

How to Make Slime – A Safer Recipe for Kids

Keep Them Active

Get kids active with some games and activities to get their heart rate up and keep them engaged indoors our out! Jumbo games & simple passing and toss games are always great ideas.

3 Indoor Group Games for Active Play

5 Classic Fitness Games for Kids

Parachute Basics – Introductory Games for Kids

Indoor Recess Activities That Keep Students Active

5 Best Active Indoor Games for Rainy Days

Outdoor Fun

If you have some time to spend outdoors with kids, set up these fun activities! Sidewalk chalk is always a great independent craft idea too!

5 Fun Sidewalk Chalk Activities and Ideas

Wizard Themed Sensory Play Activity

DIY Canvas Painting – Egg Splatter Art

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