Peanut Gallery Craft Activity for Kids

peanut gallery wood craft

This adorable craft idea from our craft expert Crafty Kate is sure to make kids smile! They can create their own peanut gallery using wooden craft spoons and just a few other simple materials. Kate shares some fun design ideas, like a rainbow, pastel colors, and bunnies for Easter. We love that this idea can be used for any theme or occasion!


Rainbow Peanut Gallery:

Step 1: Set aside about 16 wooden craft spoons. You will need this many in order for your peanut gallery to stand up. Use markers to color each craft stick. I made two of each color; pink, purple, blue, dark green, light green, yellow, orange, red, and a mixture of red and orange to create a rainbow!

markers peanut gallery craft

Step 2: Now you can get creative with fun designs. I just started drawing silly faces using a sharpie, some with big eyes, some with only one eye, some smiling or with open mouths, and even some with hair! It was so much fun to just let my imagination take over and see what I came up with. TIP: It may be easiest for kids to use an ultra fine tip permanent marker.

peanut gallery craft

Step 3: Now you will tape the wooden craft spoons together. Cut a piece of duct tape about a foot long, then tear it in half horizontally. Place the tape sticky side up on a table. You may want to tape down the edges. Line each wooden spoon up over the tape. Be sure it’s in the center so the tape doesn’t show. They fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. Tip: We recommend duct tape because it allows your peanut gallery to be flexible and stand up.

peanut gallery craft

Now you can showcase your peanut gallery!

Pastel Peanut Gallery: 

To make this peanut gallery, you can follow the same steps, but I used our sheer gel paint instead of markers. It gave the characters a natural pastel effect. I also made some silly people and a few dogs too!

peanut gallery craft

Easter Peanut Gallery Craft:

This Easter themed version was made with gel paint too. I used a sharpie for the black, and paint for the white in the eyes and teeth. Then, cut out some ears from construction paper to match each color, and glue or tape them to the back.

easter peanut gallery craft


Make this a group project in your classroom, where each student designs their own wooden spoon character, and then tape them all together to create one big work of art.

About the Author:

Crafty Kate

Kate Algiere aka “Crafty Kate” is now our Product/Content Marketing Specialist here at S&S Worldwide. Kate has been with S&S for 13 years and started as an Sales Representative. Since late 2012, she’s been a valuable member of our merchandising department.

Kate is a VERY talented artist with great organizational skills. Did you know that Kate is the artist behind many popular velvet art posters and other S&S-exclusive crafts? She’s also very involved in testing new crafts to see if they meet our standards for fun and quality.

With Kate’s vast knowledge of our products and customers, we think she’s the perfect person to take over some blogging and social activities and we hope you all agree!!


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