Easy DIY Paper Mermaid Craft

Check out this cute & easy DIY construction paper mermaid craft that you can make with a group of kids. You only need a few basic supplies! We’ve even included a Free Printable Download to make this project super simple & focused on consistent results. 


Mermaid Template and Supplies

Note: Everyone will need a printed copy of the mermaid template.

How to Use the Printable Template 

Mermaid Template Transfer Steps

The printable template includes 4 shapes – the mermaid hair, body, tail, and shell. Cut these shapes out so you have 4 pieces of paper. No need to cut exactly along the black line of the template just yet.

Choose the color paper for each shape that you want to use for your mermaid. Transfer each shape onto the construction paper by simply scribbling a thick, heavy shaded line using a soft drawing pencil on blank, back side of the printed template. Make sure to cover all the areas directly under the printed lines.

TIP: You can check to see if you have complete coverage by holding the paper up to the light.

Next, place the printed template scribbled side down onto the construction paper, and then use the pencil to follow the black printed lines pressing firmly so the shape transfers onto your construction paper.

Use the scissors to carefully cut out the construction paper shapes. We designed the template with extra thick lines to make this step easy for all ages & abilities. Flip the paper shapes over before gluing them together, so the pencil marks on the edges don’t show. This way your completed mermaid looks fresh and clean.

NOTE: An alternative is to tape the printed template on top of the piece of construction paper and then just cut along the black line, as long as you keep the paper secure with tape.  

Paper Mermaid Assembly

Mermaid Assembly Steps

Once all of the construction paper shapes are transferred and cut out, use the glue stick to assemble your colorful paper mermaid. Refer to the images above for placement.

First, glue the body on top of the hair shape. Next, layer the tail over the bottom part of the body, lining up the top of the tail shape with the bottom of the mermaids body/arms. Lastly, glue the shells in place and allow to dry. Give your mermaid some expression by using colored pencils or crayons to create a face!

mermaid diy paper craft

diy mermaid craft

You can even add extra embellishments like glitter glue or adhesive gems for extra sparkle! You could also have the group draw scales on your mermaid tails. Create an underwater backdrop out of the extra construction paper for all your new friends to swim in as a fun dramatic play idea!

This is also a perfect craft project to celebrate the new Little Mermaid movie that is coming to theaters next year!

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