37 Senior Activity Ideas & Resource Guide For Coronavirus

Find activities for residents at your senior living facility that can be done independently and also with a small group. We’ve shared craft ideas, sensory activities, games, puzzles, themed ideas, and more. As many events have been cancelled as well as visitation, these ideas will help keep your residents active, entertained, and keep their hands and minds busy!

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Craft Ideas

Find suggestions for craft materials and how to use them to create DIY works of art! Plus, learn some fun ideas on kits and craft activities that seniors can work on together or independently.

7 Supplies Every Activity Director Needs to Keep on Hand

9 New Types of Crafts to Incorporate Into Your Art Program

Fun DIY Kits for Your Senior Residents

10 Craft Theme Ideas For Your Senior Facility

Crafts Fair Ideas for Your Nursing Facility

8 Craft Ideas For Your Nursing Facility’s Religious Club

Garden Craft Ideas For Senior Living

Sensory Activities

It is important to keep residents’ hands busy and occupied and provide figet and stress options especially during this time of isolation. Find several sensory ideas below, including sensory boxes and trays.

Activity Theme Ideas to Reduce Fidgeting

Sensory Trays for Seniors – A New Sensory Stimulation Experience

Sensory Stimulation Activities for Senior Residents

9 Easy-to-Implement Olfactory Activities for Your Alzheimer’s Residents

12 Sensory Activities for Residents with Dementia

Games, Puzzles & Activities

If you are looking for some new and different activity ideas, we’ve shared several ideas within these blogs on how to keep residents entertained. These ideas can be modified for different needs and abilities, and some can also be done independently, like puzzles and makerspace ideas.

12 Activities to Add to Your Senior Program

6 Independent Games for Higher-Functioning Seniors

6 Ways to Add Fun Games to Your Senior Activity Program

5 Card Games To Teach Your Senior Residents

7 Cognitive Puzzles to Try With Your Assisted Living Residents

How to Make Evenings Fun for Senior Residents

A Makerspace for Senior Residents

Exercise Activities

Be sure to provide some options to keep residents active and moving. If you are able to plan group activities, provide toss games, card games, and tournament ideas. You can even plan a Field Day outdoors.

Tips For Your Nursing Facility – Keeping Residents Active

9 Floor Games For Your Senior Exercise Class

Field Day Activities for Senior Residents

3 Seated Game Ideas to Keep Residents Active

7 Fun Tournament Ideas to Keep Your Group Active

Indoor Activities

Since many residents will be indoors during this time, make sure you have some ideas planned like the ones below!

Indoor Activity Ideas for Senior Residents

8 Ways to Prevent Cabin Fever at Your Senior Facility

Themed Ideas

Everyone loves themed activities. Come up with a few themes that allow you to plan several different activities to keep residents busy for a longer period of time. If you had planned to have pets visit from an outside source, consider using faux pets as a replacement that will still put a smile on their faces and allow for one-on-one interaction.

How to Start a Faux Pet Therapy Program in Your Senior Facility

4 Musical Instrument Activities for Senior Residents

7 Luau Theme Ideas for Your Senior Facility

Hawaiian Themed Activities for Your Senior Facility

Bring the Circus to Your Residential Care Facility

Fun 1950s Themed Activity Ideas for Senior Residents

Bingo Games

We all love Bingo! If you are planning some group activities at your assisted living facility, we’ve shared several ideas for different ways to play. You can switch up the patterns to make it more exciting for residents.

5 Bingo Accessories For Your Senior Bingo Games

7 Quick Tips to Make Your Bingo Games More Fun!

Bingo Inspired Games For Your Activity Program

How to Shake Up Your Bingo Games in 3 Steps

Activities for Men

If you are specifically looking for ideas for your male residents, we’ve shared a few ideas on how to keep them engaged.

Themed Activities for Men at Your Senior Living Facility

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4 thoughts on “37 Senior Activity Ideas & Resource Guide For Coronavirus

  1. Have you attempted to do any virtual games for your seniors? I am looking for an uncomplicated, practical way for a group of women to play bunco virtually. Some of these women are not tech savvy, but all at least have a smart phone.

    • Hi Joslyn, we don’t specifically have a blog post about virtual activities for seniors however we do have this blog with ideas for social distance activities. https://www.ssww.com/blog/7-socially-distanced-activities-for-seniors/. Also, I have heard several senior living facilities are offering bingo games where residents gather in the hallway outside of their rooms and they call the numbers over the loud speaker. As far as Bunco specifically, have you searched for an app to see if this is available on smart phones?

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