D is for Dinosaur – Literacy Craft Activity for Kids

dinosaur craft literacy activity

This activity combines arts and crafts with literacy and letter recognition. Kids can have fun learning while making a dinosaur using construction paper.

Objective: Creating simple activities exploring Dinosaurs while learning about the letter “D” in the alphabet.

Skill Development: Literacy and Language


dinosaur craft activity


Step 1: Cut the letter “D” out of green construction paper. This will become the dinosaur’s body.

Step 2: Cut small triangles out of black construction paper. Encourage the kids to cut these also. These black triangles will go on the “back” of the dinosaur shape “D”.

Step 3: Cut small circles out of green construction paper for the head. You can also have kids add rectangles for the legs.

Step 4: Allow the children to glue on the pieces of the body. Even though you can create an example of the finished project, let them create their dinosaur however they would like. Focus on the process, not the final product.

paper dinosaur alphabet craft

Discuss: What shapes do you see? Can you find the triangle? How about a rectangle? What will you name your Dinosaur?

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