Passing Activity for PE Cooperative Games Unit

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My name is Lindsay Karp, I teach physical education and health at Bret Harte Elementary in Cherry Hill, NJ. Pass the Fish (or Chicken) is part of my cooperative games unit that I start the year off with. My students LOVE this game!



Each class starts by sitting in a circle. Level cards for each team are posted on the wall across the gym.

Activity Instructions:

**I have large classes, so this can always be modified for smaller classes*

Level 1 – Hands

Level 2 – Elbows

Level 3 – Overhead, under legs

Level 4 – Feet

  • Teams sit in circle formation
  • Choose one who students will start as the “runner” whose job is to run across the gym and grab the level cards once each level is completed
  • Choose one who stundents who will start with the fish for each level
  • Once students are chosen, the game will start
  • Students will start by passing the fish around the circle with Level 1, if the fish drops at any time, the fish goes back to the person who started with it and they start the level again but in the opposite direction
  • Once the fish gets all the way around the circle, the runner will run across the gym, grab the level card, place it in the middle of their circle, and then the fish will get passed around with the next leve
  • Game continues until all levels are complete

In the upper grades I have the runner use a scooter to travel back and forth, I also have a different runner each level. Younger grades are easier to have 1 identified person as the runner and starter so everyone knows what to do.

passing activity PE

Runner placing level in the middle of the circle

I have also used different skills for the runner, such as dribbling a soccer ball back and forth, practicing self-toss and catch while going back and forth, and keeping control of a hockey puck. There are so many skills you can add to this game.

Runner grabbing the level from across the gym – image caption

lindsay karp pe teacherAbout the Author:

Lindsay Karp is currently an elementary physical education teacher in Cherry Hill, NJ. She received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of South Florida and is currently working on her Master’s degree in School Administration. She loves spending time with her family and friends and is always looking for new ideas for class! Follow her on Twitter @PeMrskarp

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