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stick together collaborative art

Looking for a fun, colorful, easy way to build community into your summer program? StickTogether® Sticker Mosaic Puzzle posters are a collaborative, community building activity for groups of all ages and abilities.

StickTogether is new activity that celebrates collective accomplishment in living color! Each kit comes with a coded poster grid, a color key, and enough colored stickers to complete the pixilated image. Grab some stickers, check the color key, and sticker away! When all the stickers are attached a vibrant image is revealed. The hot air balloon and sunflower images are perfect for the summer season.

Whether you are looking for an ice-breaker, trying to build community, need a rainy day activity, or are looking for a project that puts everyone in your group from all ages and abilities on an even footing, StickTogether is a fun and engaging activity idea. It is similar to a puzzle, without the stress of finding the correct pieces. This activity is also easy and relaxing, and invites casual conversation so participants of all ages connect as they collaborate.

Here are five ways to incorporate StickTogether in your summer program:

  1. Welcome One and ALL! – Start building community right from the very beginning and host a collaborative art project event.
  2. Rainy Day Back-Up Plan – Summer rain showers are no problem with StickTogether! It’s a great activity for indoors, and the colorful images are certain to brighten up any rainy day.
  3. Community Night – For those events where you invite in a larger crowd, StickTogether will keep participants occupied and will encourage casual interactions.
  4. Theme Day – Build a theme day around a Sunflower or Hot Air Balloon.
  5. The Perfect Send-Off – StickTogether is a great way to celebrate the connections and community you have built over the summer.

In a healthcare setting, StickTogether can be used by occupational therapists and in rehab settings to help build fine motor skills. It has even been used in a hospital to encourage patients to walk. Every time the patients pass by the poster, they can add stickers. Over time, patients can experience their progress as the image is reveled.

An S&S customer used this activity at their senior living facility and shared their experience. “This group art project is one of my residents’ favorite activities to date. It is simple to use, and people could work on it at their leisure. We even had family members and nursing staff put some of the stickers on too, which my residents got a kick out of. Who doesn’t like watching art being created? I taped it onto out Activity Room wall next to our group crossword puzzle, with a folder of stickers and a sign saying “Mystery Art!”. This was so much fun.”

This is also a great activity for an educational setting. It encourages students to work together and create something to proudly display in their classroom.

We hope you will share your StickTogether stories with us. How you are incorporating StickTogether in your programming or with your community?

About StickTogether®

The first StickTogether® sticker mosaic puzzle poster was created at the 2015 World MakerFaire NY. Sylvia Stein, a lifelong maker and innovator, came up with the activity as a way to engage the Maker community in a cumulative, collaborative project. The response from MakerFaire attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Makers of all ages gravitated to the activity and suggested a wide range of ‘StickTogether’ opportunities. A business was born! Sylvia then connected with Brooklyn-based Ivy Epstein, a seasoned retail operations professional, and together they packaged the line of kits.

Let’s ALL StickTogether this summer!

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