Rain Drop Stained Glass Art – DIY Paper Craft

raind rop diy stained glass For our kids program, we made rain drop themed stain glass art! Even when the sun isn’t out, these fun see through stain glass rain drops are perfect decoration for a rainy day! This is a simple and fun DIY paper craft for kids!

Age: 4+


Set Up:

First, cut the contact paper into 6×8 inch pieces. Then, cut tissue paper into small squares, or use the pre-cut tissue paper squares. Have these ready for the activity!


  1. Have the kids color their rain drop template and then cut it out.
  2. Cut out the center of your rain drop template (NOTE: younger kids will need assistance with this step).
  3. Put a piece of contact paper on one side of the rain drop cut out.
  4. Cover the sticky side of the contact paper with bits of tissue paper or streamers, these are transparent enough to act as “stained glass”.
  5. Place a second piece of contact paper on the other side of the rain drop (on top of the tissue paper) to seal your stained-glass rain drop!

Note: We gave the kids old gift cards to use to spread out the air bubbles in the contact paper

Optional: Add a hole punch and a piece of ribbon at the top to hang your stain glass art!

rain drop art craft

About the Author:

My name is Savannah Syke, my whole life I have loved making creative and colorful projects and spending time with children. I have been running the childcare center (Kids Stuff) at the Emma B Howe Family YMCA for 4 years now. Our mission statement and principles at the Y are creating responsible, honest and creative kids, and these are the values I like to have my programs reflect and represent. I run a program called Kid’s Stuff for ages 6 weeks to 10 years old, Big Kid’s Stuff for children over 5 years old, and Parent’s Night Out.

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  3. Very good idea. I enjoyed these activities. Definitely want to slow my Summer Prigram students to partake in making these.

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