Zoo Animal Themed Crafts & Activities

Kids love zoo animals! Plan a zoo theme for your program that is packed full of different types of zoo characters. We’ve put together a list of fun crafts, activities, and products. You can use these for classroom lessons, after school activities, or if you’re having a zoo-themed party. Here are 15 of our zoo favorites!

Color-Me™ Fabric Animal Hand Puppets

zoo animal puppets

Our Color-Me line has some really fun craft activities, including these zoo animal themed hand puppets that kids can color themselves! You’ll get 2 each of a pig, cow, lion, tiger, monkey, elephant, giraffe, zebra, rooster, horse, dog, and cat. Use textile (fabric) markers or paint markers to decorate.

Velvet Art Fabric Elephant Pouch

velvet art elephant zoo craft

These elephant pouches make a great coloring project for most ages! Use them to store supplies like markers, colored pencils, drawing supplies, and even cosmetics! This is a great theme for camp & rec organizations. The cotton zipper-top pouch is printed with velvet on the front with an elephant design and flowers to color with markers or fabric paint. Add glitter, sequins, and gems!

Sloth Half Mask

Decorate these pre-printed sloth half masks with paint, markers, sequins, glitter, gems, and more! Great for imaginative role-playing. The masks are made of cardstock.

sloth half mask zoo

Paint by Sticker® Kids: Zoo Animals

zoo animals sticker

Paint by Sticker® Kids combines the fun of coloring and stickers with the creativity of paint by number. Includes everything kids need to create 10 full-color illustrations of their favorite zoo dwellers. Find the sticker, peel it, and place it in the correct spot based on the number. Then sticker by sticker, a koala appears! Or an elephant, frog, red panda, puffin, peacock, snake, giraffe, tiger, or gorilla. And no mess to clean up!

Wiggly Eye Sun Catchers

zoo animal crafts

These zoo themed sun catchers come clear, and you decorate them with glass stain. Choose your colors and design, then lay the unpainted zoo animal on a piece of white paper to help see your design. Use paint brushes or an eyedropper to spread glass stain onto the animal. Make sure you let it dry, then hang in a window for the light to pass through!

Wacky Animals Craft Kit

zoo activities zootopia

Create your own wacky zoo animal by mixing up pieces and fitting them together. Make an elephant, giraffe, gazelle, lion, and rhino – they are all in the movie Zootopia! Color the animal patterns and make your own patterns with textile markers. Add wiggle eyes to give them more character.

I Am Lil’ Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

zoo animal sloth puzzle

The sloth is a trending theme right now! Our collection of I am lil’ puzzles includes a sloth, giraffe, bear, penguin, polar bear, turtle, flamingo, dolphin, red panda, and fox. These puzzles are perfect for little hands! The 100-piece puzzles have uniquely designed “animal-shapes” and feature extra large pieces for easy grasping. They also include a dramatic poster size display when completed. Puzzle comes with a fun fact insert and puzzle image as reference.

Wild Animal Mini Puzzle Assortment

zoo animal products

Puzzles are a great indoor activity for the winter season. This kit comes with 12 different zoo animal puzzles. Have kids get into pairs or groups and choose an animal. While they are doing the puzzle, teach them some fun facts about their animal’s habitat and characteristics.

Animal Masks Activity Pack

Zoo animals

Kids can design and make their own unique zoo animal mask! This activity pack comes with 24 blank pre-cut masks, elastic cord, animal skin paper, tissue and construction paper, pom poms, jumbo chenille, fluff feathers, Color Splash!® non-toxic glue, and instructions. Make Judy Hopps from the movie Zootopia!

Animal Origami

zoo crafts

It’s time for some Zoo Origami! This zoo themed origami pack comes with 4 each of 6 animal designs for a total of 24 sheets, and a basic instruction sheet for beginners.

Animal Print Tissue Paper

zoo print craft

zoo animals for zootopia

Our animal print tissue paper makes a great craft material! Check out this great idea from Free Kids Crafts, with some free printables! Teachers can use it to introduce preschoolers to the wonderful world of animals. It can also be used as gift wrap!

Which zoo animal craft or activity is your favorite?

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