DIY Canvas Painting – Egg Splatter Art

Egg splatter art

Objective: Create exciting process art

Process Art means the focus is on the experience of the process and not on how wonderful the final product looks. Although, in this case, I adore the outcome just as much.


Preparation and Instructions

1. Cut off the end of raw eggs with a knife when you use eggs while cooking. Wash the inside of egg out with hot water and soap. Dry them in a container and continue to save up. You will need at least 5 eggs per canvas.

2. Prepare the area with drop cloths or tarps and prop up the canvases. Making this an outdoor activity is always a good option. Keep hand wipes and a garbage can close by to help with easy cleanup. You can use a variety of water-based paints. We recommend using tempera paint because its inexpensive and washes easily from skin and clothing.

3. Squirt a few pumps of paint into the eggs.  I like to use 4 different colors, especially neon.

4. Allow children to throw the eggs at the canvases.

Note: Sometimes they might be timid especially if this is their first time with this project since we don’t usually recommend throwing eggs. They will quickly get the hang of it and will love this experience.

canvas art painting


Talk to the children about the famous artist Jackson Pollock and show examples of this splatter paint art.  Explain that we can use a variety of objects for painting, not just a paint brush.

canvas egg splatter art

As always, keep children’s allergies in mind.

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