7 DIY Superhero Crafts for Kids

superhero crafts diy

Kids will have a SUPER fun time creating these DIY Superhero crafts for a themed party or event! Learn how to make a Batman plate, Wonderwoman bookmark, Superman frame, and more.

Superhero Comic Frame

superhero comic frame


This is one of our favorite superhero crafts! Start by painting your frame with white acrylic paint. Then choose which comics you’d like to use. We used comics from Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Captain America, and The Flash. If you have a favorite superhero, you might decide to stick with one theme. You can use actual comic pages if you don’t mind cutting up one of your comic books. Another option is to search online for comic photos, and print them out on regular computer paper like we did. This way, you can scale them to size based on the frame you use. Arrange each comic around the frame how you’d like them. Starting with one corner, spread Mod Podge onto the frame, place the comic, then cover the comic with more Mod Podge. TIP: If you are planning to overlap the comics, make sure you first Mod Podge the ones that will be covered up by the other comics. 

Batman Plate & Spiderman Bowl

batman spiderman plate


Decorate one of our bisque plates or bowls with your favorite superhero symbol! For Batman, first draw the bat symbol in pencil on the white plate. Then, paint the symbol with yellow acrylic paint. Once this is dry, paint the outside with black acrylic paint. For Spiderman, paint the entire bowl with red acrylic paint, then let it dry. Use black fabric paint to make a spider web pattern. Then add the mask, using white paint for the inside. The fabric paint adds a 3D gloss effect and really makes the design stand out!

Superhero Capes

superhero capes


A Superhero theme would not be complete without capes to wear! Our plain white capes come in 2 sizes (18″ L or 30″ L) and are great for DIY projects! Color them with fabric markers (we recommend these Color Splash fabric markers) or paint, and add stickers, glitter, gems, and more. Kids can choose to draw symbols, write names of their favorite Superheroes, or create their own hero.

Superhero Bookmarks

superhero bookmarks


Create your own superhero bookmarks using paper! If you plan to make a lot of these, it’s best to use origami paper that is already square and comes in different colors. If you decide to use an 8.5×11 sheet of colored paper, just fold one corner down to make a square and cut off the excess paper. Here is a great image of how to fold the paper.

To make the Captain America bookmark, use blue paper. Once you have your bookmark folded, it’s time to add the shield! Use red paper and cut out a circle. Then cut out a white circle slightly smaller, then another red circle smaller than that. Then use blue paper and cut out an even smaller circle. Add a white star sticker or cutout to the middle, and now you have a SUPER bookmark!

For the Wonderwoman bookmark, use red paper. Once you have your bookmark folded, you can add the symbol and a star. You can find an image of the symbol, print it, then cut around the design. Then add a border of blue construction paper so it stands out against the red background. Glue these to the edge of the bookmark. Then add a gold star sticker to the top!

Super Trays

superhero crafts diy


…plus Superhero Accessories and healthy snacks!

If you are having a Superhero themed party, set up superhero trays at each table! You can fill some with healthy snacks to make kids grow big and strong, just like their favorite heroes. For the “Super Snacks” tray, use any color acrylic paint you’d like to paint the words and the tray itself. You can also paint the inside of the tray with chalkboard paint, and write a fun message. We chose to fill our tray with “Super Stuff”, like bouncy balls and erasers. Or, you can leave the chalboard blank so kids can have fun write different messages!

Superman Birthday Card

superhero birthday card


Kids can create their own DIY cards for themed birthdays and other occasions! Write a fun message like “Have a Super Birthday” with the Superman symbol using markers, crayons, colored pencils, and other decorative craft items. Glue beads or other craft trims.

Superman Frame

diy superhero crafts


The pack of wood frames comes with 6 different designs, and one is a diamond shape that looks just like the Superman symbol! You can paint this any way you’d like, with red, yellow, and/or blue themed colors. We chose to outline the edge with red acrylic paint, then color the inside blue. Put a cute photo of your child or your pet inside. This cat wearing a Superman costume was just too perfect!

View all of our Superhero themed crafts, accessories, and activities here. 

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