Movement Concept Stations for PE Grades K-5

School: Ravenwood Elementary Activity: Movement Concepts Stations Skills: Locomotor Movements, Pathways, Levels, Speeds, Balance, Dancing Grade: K-5 Movement Concepts Description This is a stations based activity where students work on different types of body movement.  We utilize lots of equipment … Read More

Narrative & Descriptive Writing Lesson Plan with Visual Illustrations

Objective: To enhance narrative and descriptive writing using illustrations cut into parts; showing a beginning, middle, and ending Age: 5+              Time: 40 minutes (writing varies)         Grades: k-4 Materials: Pictures of animals, people, places (optional) Colored pencils, markers, crayons or paint … Read More

December Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our December Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! This printable calendar is a great resource to share with your students to help them stay active, whether it is used at school and/or at home! You can use this resource both indoors or … Read More

Gold Rush Physed Activity Grades K-5

Gold Rush is a great game to do at the beginning of the year as students are learning to take turns, work together, and follow simple game directions. My name is Matt Barrows from Ravenwood Elementary and this PE activity … Read More

November Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our 2022 November Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! Use this printable calendar as a resource to share with your students, and encourage them to also participate in the challenge at home with their family. For your PE class or classroom, you … Read More

Group Activities for Team Building & Warm Ups

Try these group activities to keep your group active, engaged, and learn teamwork! Equipment: Any Ball Straws Parachute (or tarp/sheet) Spot Cones Playing Cards String \ Yarn The Last Straw Give everyone a straw to put in their mouth. In … Read More

Glowing Glue Art Project for Kids

Objective: Creating unique artwork in unusual ways! This is a super simple craft project that kids will love! All you need is some white glue and neon paint on paper. Materials: Liquid Glue Fluorescent Paint Paper Blacklight Step 1:   Do … Read More