Narrative & Descriptive Writing Lesson Plan with Visual Illustrations

Objective: To enhance narrative and descriptive writing using illustrations cut into parts; showing a beginning, middle, and ending Age: 5+              Time: 40 minutes (writing varies)         Grades: k-4 Materials: Pictures of animals, people, places (optional) Colored pencils, markers, crayons or paint … Read More

DIY Neon Ice Activity – Combining Crafts & Science

Sometimes the coolest results can come from the simplest ingredients. Here is a perfect example of that! How2PlayToday has shared a step-by-step activity on how to make neon ice. It produces some amazing outcomes, but don’t use it to cool … Read More

How to Make a DIY Glowing Rice Sensory Bin

Objective: Creating unique sensory play in unusual ways. This is a fun and colorful activity for kids, and also a great activity for children to help create. The scooping and pouring is fun and encourages development of fine motor skills.  Materials: … Read More

Animal Themed Games for the Classroom

Try these animal themed games in your classroom or program! These are great for brain breaks and to get students up and moving. You can also plan some crafts and other themed ideas to go along with the games. Cat … Read More

The Benefits of Playing Board Games for Kids

Whether it is an after-school program, a summer camp, day care or any other place a bunch of kids have free time, board games are great way for kids to have fun and learn various skills along the way! So, … Read More

September Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our September Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! Back to School is just around the corner, and our printable calendar is a great resource that teachers can share with students in the classroom. It can also be shared with parents to encourage … Read More

Student Writing Lesson Using Photographs – Classroom Ideas

Objective: To enhance descriptive, expository, and creative writing using pictures Age: 5+ Time: 30-45 minutes (writing/art varies) Grades: any age Materials: Photographs, magazine pictures of animals, people, places & things Construction paper Lined paper Pencil Glue Scissors Colored pencils or … Read More

Family Paint Night Activity for Elementary School

At Lebanon Elementary School, the PTA planned a Family Paint Night where students from Pre-K through 5th grade and their families paint their own ceiling tile for the school. We wanted to do something special to get families together and … Read More

Writing Lesson Plan with Visual Illustrations

Objective: To enhance descriptive writing and action using illustrations cut into parts Age: 5+ Time: 40 minutes (writing varies) Grades: K-4 Materials: Pictures of animals, people, places (optional) Colored pencils Markers Crayons or paint White paper Construction paper Lined paper … Read More