DIY Succulent Crafts, Hanging Plants & Air Gardens

succulents and hanging plants

Tap into your gardening skills with these DIY plant and terrarium projects! We’ve shared several ideas for hanging plants and air plants, how to hang glass containers and fun ways to display your greens. Air plants and succulents have become so popular this past year and are a great item to add to your crafting or creative program. Plan a themed activity for your group related to planting, especially during the Summer season!

Air Plants & Succulents

We have 4 different options for faux succulents. Each is a unique design and perfect for hanging pots, terrariums, home decor and natural crafts. These come in packs of 10 or 12 and some include various colors, like orange or purple.

diy succulent crafts

Create an air plant wreath using our new natural colored jute rope wreaths, an assortment of faux succulents, a paint stick, and some wooden letters. Use a hot glue gun to apply the decorations, then add jute string to match and hang it on display.

air plant decoration

Air Garden

Create an air garden that you can hang near a window or place on a bookshelf to add color to any room! Use these plastic containers and add the faux succulents or real air plants to display inside. You can use glitter or sand to hold the plant, and add shells or rocks to complete the look. View our blog on How to Create an Indoor Sand Garden for fun ways to layer sand!

hanging plastic terrarium

Ceramic Planter

Your group can decorate their own ceramic bisque planter, then show off a favorite air plant, succulent, or small plant! We recommend using acrylic paint to color the planter. Have fun mixing colors and create a two-tone look. You can also create designs or add lettering. The planter is glazed on the inside to hold water. You can also “stitch” cord and beads through holes or create a hanging planter by threading cord through four holes. The pack comes with 12 planters measuring 4 inches. A great project for summer camp!

hanging plant ceramic

Hanging Pot

We are excited for this new addition to our potted plant collection – a hanging terra cotta pot! Your group can decorate their hanging pots with paint, markers, and craft trims. Then add a succulent or air plant to display. There is a hole at the bottom for drainage. The pack of 12 also includes the jute to hang each pot. Another great project for summer camp or recreational program during the warmer months!

hanging terra cotta pot

Glass Container

These open glass containers are perfect for fitting in a macramé or woven hanger to hold succulents or other faux and live plants. Make a terrarium style garden with sand as the base. Set up an area at your station with the containers, colorful sand, faux succulents or live plants, and jute for the hanger. You can also include other items like tea lights, votives, driftwood, and glitter. Each member of your group can make their own personalized terrarium.

It’s also a perfect option if you are looking for something for your tabletop or windowsill, since they don’t have the hole at the top for hanging and look super classy!

hanging glass air plant

Flower Pot

If you are looking for a Spring craft for kids that makes a nice gift or keepsake and can also go along with a lesson plan, try these Color Me Flower Pots. This project is perfect for large groups- it comes with 48 pots! Kids can color them with our new multi-surface markers.

View our blog on how to incorporate an educational lesson with this type of craft activity.

color me flower pot

Hanging Jars

An alternative to the glass container is these hanging glass jars. They come with a black metal hanger so it’s easy to hang up. Perfect for hanging arrangements, to hold votives and tea lights, or to hold a succulent or plant. You can use our multi-surface markers to draw on the glass too!

hanging jar for plants

Hanging Dome

Our plastic domes allow you to make a mini decorative scene or terrarium – you cna place so many different items inside, like plants, candles, and shell. You can also tailor these to any theme you are planning for your program. Add superhero props for a Superhero Theme or red, white and blue objects for a USA theme.

The acrylic dome comes with a screw-on base. You can even swirl paint inside, add glue and glitter, and even decorate the outside with bows or feathers. You can hang them up with jute, or keep them on a table. This photo below was submitted by a customer who used the domes for their holiday centerpieces.

hanging dome for plant



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