Puffy Paint Canvas Craft Activity

puffy paint canvas craft

This is a simple craft activity that anyone can enjoy! We had fun creating this flower scene using a fun specialty paint called Puffy Paint. Just squeeze the bottle, apply heat to the area, and watch the paint puff up for a 3D effect.

puffy paintMaterials:

Puffy paint works on all types of surfaces, including canvas, paper, fabric, glass, plastic, and wood. They come in 4-oz easy-to-squeeze bottles with precision tips for easy application. There are also easy to follow instructions printed on each bottle. Paint dries to a soft 3-D finish that won’t crack or peel. Six color assortment includes: blue, green, orange, red, purple and yellow.

Additional heat source options: hair dryer, heat gun, iron, oven or microwave.

How To Use Puffy Paint

For this design, we chose to create our design on a canvas panel. First, choose the colors you would like to use for your design. We created a sun using orange and yellow. We also created flowers using green for the stems and different colors for the flowers. Squeeze the bottle of puffy paint onto your canvas. Add any finishing touches you’d like, and then let it dry overnight. Use a heat tool to make the paint puff up. You can hold the tool about 2 inches away from your canvas.


How cool do the designs look once the paint puffs up!?

puffy paint

Get crafty! You can also use a toothpick, pencil, or back of a paintbrush and create lines in your design for a mixed-color look. Also, you can add watercolor to the inside of the painting.

puffy paint design

Have fun creating your puffy paint designs!

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