4 DIY Headband Decorating Ideas

DIY Headbands

Here are a few ideas from Crafty Kate to inspire your own personalized hair accessories using white plastic headbands, a perfectly pretty DIY project to fit any theme for your next party, group gathering or craft event!

Fabric Wrapped Headbands

Fabric Wrapped Headband



To create this look, I repurposed an old cotton tie dye shirt and cut it into long strips approximately 2″ wide and simply wrapped it around the headband and secured into place using hot glue to the inside of the headband. You can easily wrap the fabric around in various ways to either create a smooth wrap or lots of short wraps around exposing the textured folds like the purple/pink finished sample shown in the picture above. I decided to glue a paper flower to the smooth wrapped headband with a gemstone center for extra interest and sparkle.

Pom POm Headbands

Pom Pom Headband



This technique is simple, direct and super cheerful! Simply plan out your pom pom color pattern and use a hot glue gun to attach the pom’s directly to the outside of your headband! 

Acrylic Gemstone Headbands

Acrylic Gemstone Headband



You can personalize your headbands using acrylic gemstones a couple different ways depending on your activity time and the age/skill level of your group and what look your aiming for.

Option A: Use paste-on assorted gemstones and hot glue to add some bling to your headband. Simply sort out the gemstones by size and color in the order you’d like and then glue them into place. 

Option B: This technique takes a some additional effort but the results really pop. First I used a piece of fine grit sandpaper to scuff up the outside of the smooth plastic headband. It’s important to do this so that acrylic paint will adhere to the plastic surface without chipping off. After sanding, wipe the plastic clean and brush on 1-2 coats of acrylic paint and allow to dry. I used black Color Splash Acrylic paint that dries to a smooth matte finish. The contrast between the painted dark background and the bright gemstones creates a finished headband that really pops! To save time, I used our adhesive gemstones that you can peel and stick. These come in sheets allowing you to peel entire strips of perfectly spaced gemstones quickly and easily! I used a combination of a couple different assortments. 

Yarn Wrapped Headband

Yarn Wrapped HeadbandMaterials:


This technique is straight forward. Use the hot glue to attach the end of yarn to the inside end of the headband. Wrap the yarn tightly around the plastic headband, alternating colors as desired. You can carefully wrap the yarn so the strands don’t overlap as shown in the picture of the finished sample above. For a more textured look, try using a chunky yarn and wrap it around the headband less carefully. Do this so the yarn strands overlap randomly for a more organic look. 

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Crafty Kate

Kate Algiere aka “Crafty Kate” is our Product/Content Marketing Specialist here at S&S Worldwide. Kate has been with S&S for 13 years and started as an Sales Representative. Since late 2012, she’s been a valuable member of our merchandising department.

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With Kate’s vast knowledge of our products and customers, we think she’s the perfect person to take over some blogging and social activities and we hope you all agree!!

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