3 Simple Learning Activities for Preschool Students

Learn 3 new activities that can help preschoolers play and learn! We tried these with our students at Cathy’s Nursery School. Each activity helped teach them different skills and are great for early childhood education. They also kept their focus and allowed kids to be creative and have fun at the same time!

Learning Letters with Alligators

These wooden alligators helped with learning! This week we were focusing on the letter “A” in Nursery School. The children learned all about alligators and were excited to color and take home their own alligator to play with. I enjoyed how each alligator was as unique as the child who made it. Once they were done coloring them with washable markers, they could immediately play with them!

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Magic Noodles

Magic Noodles kept our preschoolers entertained for a long time! We started by letting them stick them to work sheets to make colorful pictures. Once they had completed the worksheets, we gave them a paper plate to create their own masterpiece. We had lots of tall castles and rainbows. What we found that worked the best for these was a damp sponge. You don’t want to make the noodles too wet because they tend to start disintegrating, so the sponge worked perfectly and didn’t make a mess!

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Pattern Play

Unifex cubes are so easy for little hands, and they stick together really well. We started playing with them in a guided group setting, where the teacher worked with the children to talk about patterns. Each child then created their own pattern. Once their patterns were complete, they snapped them all together to make one long tower that we laid on the floor. They took turns lying next to the tower to see if they were taller than the tower!

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