Top 8 Velvet Art Coloring Projects

velvet art

Velvet Art is one of our favorite types of coloring projects. The raised black velvet borders surrounding various designs really make the finished piece stand out. This also makes it easier for children and older adults to color in the lines and create a piece they are proud of. Our Velvet Art coloring projects are exclusive to S&S. They are designed and illustrated by our craft expert Kate Algiere aka Crafty Kate! She was busy most of 2016 designing these new velvet art packs that we are super excited about. Here’s Crafty Kate’s Top 8 Velvet Art picks:

Velvet Art To Go

velvet art projectsThese mini coloring projects that I designed were inspired by the ongoing Artist Trading Card trend. With each of the 12 bundles containing 30 different designs, this pack really is great for all ages! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Quick Coloring Project – Use them as a quick coloring project to simply unwind – use fancy markers, gel pens, and glitter pens to add even more flare. The uncoated cardstock allows you to decorate with a wide variety of mediums from water based markers, colored pencils and even watercolors.
  • On the Go – The mini size makes it easy for you to take coloring projects on the road! Great for a Field Trip craft. The pack also comes with metal binder rings for convenient carrying.
  • Trading Cards – Trade the finished cards with friends, family, teachers, and more! Each card comes with a space on the back for your name and date. You can also keep a set for yourself to develop a personal collection of color palettes as you experiment with various mediums to use as a reference for larger coloring projects.
  • Collaborative Craft Project – Each card is hole punched in the upper left corner. After everyone colors their card, string them all together and hand them as a decoration. You can also glue each of them close together on a large poster board and hang it up as a collaborative art piece.
  • Random Acts of Kindness – After coloring the cards, have your group write an inspirational saying, kind word, or compliment on the back. Then hand them out to friends, family, and even at local stores and as random acts of kindness. This is a great activity for Scout Groups and other youth programs to encourage positive behavior.

Mini Velvet Art Posters II

velvet art miniThis huge variety 100 pack includes 10 each of 10 exclusive fun designs that are sure to appeal to everyone. I designed this pack as an extension from the original 4″ x 6″ Mini Velvet Poster pack we launched last year that quickly became a new best seller. This pack was designed with variety and balance in mind, as I aimed to create a collection of fresh images that look fun to color without being too detailed or too simple. This is a pack of classic and trendy images, like pineapples, flowers, and elephants! It’s perfect for a group coloring activity.

Velvet Art Everyday Ornaments

velvet art ornaments

This ornament pack is one of my favorite new velvet art projects…mostly because of the feathers! These ready-to-decorate ornaments in popular everyday designs can be colored and embellished to make beautiful hanging decor. Use markers, crayons, watercolor, or colored pencils. I used multiple colors to create a beautiful rainbow effect, and added gold glitter along the edges for extra sparkle. Each ornament is die-cut from extra thick un-coated chipboard for durability and is printed on both sides. They are great for hanging in a window or doorway – even on a tree! You can even tie them to a gift using the pre-punched hanging hole. Use ribbon, floss, yarn or cord. The pack includes 24 ornaments, with 4 each of 6 awesome designs.

Think Positive Velvet Art Posters

velvet art postersThese posters are a great character building activity for every age! Encourage everyone to “think positive” as they play with color to personalize these velvet art posters with inspirational phrases printed in trendy brush letter fonts. Color with markers, colored pencils, crayons or even watercolor. The pack comes with 4 each of 6 designs. Card stock posters are 8” x 10” so they are the perfect size to frame finished projects and hang on the wall.

Velvet Art 3-D Posters III

velvet art 3D

This is my all time favorite velvet art pack. Not only did I get to create the 4 fun and timeless designs, but I also created the die cut layout for the pop-up elements. After coloring on the flat poster, take your project to the next level by simply folding up where the poster has been pre-scored! Velvet printed cardstock is mounted over unprinted stock so the white areas show when pieces are folded up. This creates additional contrast and dimension. The results are awesome! Be sure to check out the Activity Ideas tab on the product page to download the pop-up guide for each design. This best seller pack of 24 posters includes 6 each of 4 designs. I also designed two other 3D poster packs with different designs – check them out here!

Velvet Art Posters to Personalize

velvet art posters

These fun, fuzzy, cardstock posters were designed with a blank white area in the center to be personalized! I thought it would be great for artists to be able to write in their name, monogram, favorite quote, or use our new Velvet Positive Word Stickers to add a positive message or inspirational words. Velvet borders make coloring a sure success. The pack of 30 posters includes 5 each of 6 designs that vary in levels of complexity, making this a perfect pack for all skill levels and abilities.

Velvet Art Trinket Box

velvet art box

For this coloring project, I decided to give our classic trinket box a fresh facelift with a fun new abstract doodle design! These boxes have a slide out drawers with a metal knob, and are perfect for storing jewelry, keepsakes, and even small craft or desk items. Kids can decorate each side of the box using markers or colored pencils and give it as a gift to friends and family.

Velvet Abstract Art Posters

velvet art posters abstract

Get lost in your own tranquil moment as you color these groovy new abstract posters! I wanted to create something different and unique that could appeal to any generation and was gender neutral. Any side can be the “right side up” so you can get super creative with colors. Velvet art is a great stress free activity for all ages and these posters will entertain for hours! These also come in a pack of 30 with 5 each of 6 designs.

View our entire selection of over 70 Velvet Art Coloring Projects here!


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