How To Make Colorful Sensory Bins For Kids

Colorful sensory bins

Objective: Creating simple sensory bins for exploring colors

Sensory bins allow kids to develop skills in several areas: fine motor skills, color identification, language development, cognition and problem solving.

I love using the Color Splash!® Neon Liquid Tempera Paint to die the rice because the colors really stand out! View the materials needed below.


Item Suggestions For Your Sensory Bin:

How to create colorful sensory bins

How To Color the Rice

Step 1: Scoop white rice into a plastic bag and pour tempera paint into the bag to cover the rice (but not soak it).

Step 2: Ensure the bag is tightly sealed, then let your child help you squish the paint all around, covering the rice. Fun sensory activity!

Step 3: Pour the rice onto the foil and allow it to dry. Stirring the rice helps it dry faster.

coloring sensory bins

How To Play

Add the colored rice to your bin and some fun age appropriate objects. Pouring with the scoops and funnels encourages fine motor skills. You can see below there are so many fun options for items in your sensory bin. You can also appeal to your kids’ interests, for example if they love cars or other vehicles!

colorful bins sensory

Talk About It

  • How does it feel? (slimy, smooth, cold, etc.)
  • Let’s mix it! You’re pouring very carefully.
  • This is the color orange. This is an orange block. Can you scoop up the orange ball?

Books Choices Based on Colors

  • Brown Bread Brown Bear by Eric Carle
  • Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton

Download the printable PDF for this activity here.

Themed Sensory Bins

We also love these themed sensory bin ideas, including Galaxy, Outer Space, and Bug Exploration!

How To Make A Galaxy Themed Sensory Bin

How To Make An Outer Space Themed Sensory Bin

Creepy Crawly Sensory Bin – Exploring Bugs With Kids

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