Abstract Art Canvas Painting Activity

canvas painting abstract art

Objective: Creating ways to think about abstract art while learning about Piet Mondrian


Download the printable instructions here.

Literature: Coppernickel Goes Mondrian by Wouter van Reek

Step 1: Write your name on the back of the canvas board. Then flip the board over to the canvas side. I choose to set the project up on an art tray but the next step might be easier if you want to remove the canvas board and place on a table.

canvas painting

Step 2: Using painters tape, pull off pieces and stretch them across the canvas board. You’re encouraged to keep the tape as vertical and horizontal lines like Mondrian but there isn’t a wrong way in art, so this is really your interpretation of his abstract composition.

canvas painting craft

Step 3: After pressing the tape down to make sure it’s secure against the canvas, you get to begin painting using Acrylic Paint.

canvas abstract art

Step 4: You’re going to be painting in your squares and rectangles with Acrylic Paint. Piet Mondrian used primary colors (Red, Yellow, and Blue) along with White and Black colors in his abstract compositions. You won’t need to use white since the canvas under the tape will remain white.

paint canvas

Step 5: Continue to paint in your artwork like Piet Mondrian and remember there is no wrong way to create.

paint canvas

Step 6: I’ve found it best to remove the tape before the paint has completely dried especially if you’ve painted onto the tape. That way it won’t pull the paint off with the tape.

canvas painting craft

Now sit back and enjoy your very own creation of Mondrian’s composition of Red Blue Yellow.

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