September Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our September Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! Back to School is just around the corner, and our printable calendar is a great resource that teachers can share with students in the classroom. It can also be shared with parents to encourage … Read More

Student Writing Lesson Using Photographs – Classroom Ideas

Objective: To enhance descriptive, expository, and creative writing using pictures Age: 5+ Time: 30-45 minutes (writing/art varies) Grades: any age Materials: Photographs, magazine pictures of animals, people, places & things Construction paper Lined paper Pencil Glue Scissors Colored pencils or … Read More

DIY Neon Tie Dye Tutorial

Tie-dye shirts are a timeless activity, and this version of it contains a special twist! How2PlayToday has shared a step-by-step guide on how to make a neon tie dye shirt which can look amazing in the sunlight, or even in … Read More

5 Great Outdoor Games For Groups Of Kids

In an age of technology, creative outdoor activities are getting played less and becoming harder to come by. Here are some lesser-known games that are great for a group of friends, a P.E. class, or even a summer camp, any … Read More

8 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

The “Dog Days” of summer are here, and everyone needs to find their own way to get out of the house but also to stay cool! Whether it’s fun swimming activities in the pool, staying cool in the shade, or … Read More

August Daily Holidays & Observances Printable Calendar

Are you looking to find activity ideas and themed products for your program this summer as kids are attending summer school? Download and print our daily holidays and observances calendar! See the link below for our August Daily Holidays Calendar. … Read More

August Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our 2022 August Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! This challenge is still fun for students over the summer months to keep active at home! Educators can share this link with their students and encourage them to keep a record of … Read More

DIY Ice Cream Cone Clay Sculpture Craft for Kids

The summer is here, and with kids having tons of time on their hands a great way to spend it can be creating some super realistic ice cream clay sculptures! This activity not only engages kids by capturing their creativity, … Read More