February Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our 2022 February Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! Use this printable calendar as a resource to share with your students for virtual learning, and encourage them to participate in the challenge at home with their family. If you have students … Read More

5 Active Games for Kids to Play with A Ball

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Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin Activity for Kids

Here is a fun dinosaur themed sensory bin idea for your program using coffee grounds and other simple materials! Objective: Creating simple sensory bins while exploring the world of dinosaurs Skill Development: Sensory Play Materials: Flour Coffee grounds Water Plastic … Read More

January Daily Holidays & Observances Printable Calendar

Need activity ideas and themed products for your program each month? Download and print our daily holidays and observances calendar! See the link below for our January 2022 Calendar. Refer to the calendar when you need inspiration, whether you are … Read More

January Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our January 2022 Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! It’s a brand new year, and an important time to encourage kids to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle, whether they are at home learning virtually, or learning in person. This … Read More

3 Physical Activities to Keep Kids Moving

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Holiday Gifts for Residents to Create for Family & Friends

With the holidays quickly approaching, encourage residents to create holiday gifts that they can send to their loved ones. Simply set up craft activities that allow residents to personalized pre-made gifts or create the gifts from scratch. Paintings Encourage residents … Read More

5 Baseball Game Variations For Physed

Baseball is a great sport to practice with your students. There are many skills they can learn such as throwing and catching. To add a new spin on your usual activities, we’ve shared a few baseball game variations that use … Read More