DIY Daffodil Paper Craft For Kids

daffodil diy craft

Make your own paper daffodil flowers with just a few basic craft supplies! This super easy DIY paper craft is perfect for kids. This clever fold and cut method makes creating paper flowers so easy. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to make a whole bouquet in various shades and sizes. This is such a fun craft for the Spring or Summer!

Materials:DIY daffodil Paper Craft

Video Tutorial:


1. First, fold the construction paper diagonally lining up the edges to create a square, cut off the excess strip. You should have a large triangle.

2. Fold the paper triangle in half lining up the points to form another smaller triangle. Find the center once again and fold the front side down to make a 3rd triangle. Flip over and repeat to form the 4th and last triangle carefully lining up the edges. Don’t worry this sounds more complicated than it really is! (See Video above)

3. Cut the paper into a flower petal shape. Hold the center point and cut the rounded flower top.

4. Unfold the paper flower, then cut one petal out so you are left with 6 petals for your daffodil.

5. To make your daffodil 3D, glue the two petals with the open space between them together by stacking one on top of the other and lining up the edges. Let Dry.

6. Press the middle of the flower down onto a hard surface so the center has a flat back.

7. Cut a small triangle out of the paint cup and overlap and tape the open ends together on the outside of the cup to make a 3D center (See Video). Glue the paint cup to the center of the flower.

8. Glue the flower to a green paint stick for the stem and let dry.

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