3 Ways Kids Can Have Fun While Stuck Indoors

Going outside can sometimes feel like a fun-times cheat code for parents. Kids of all ages are usually good at finding something fun to do outdoors, whether it’s exploring plants, making stick houses, or just running around getting their exercise. As a parent, all you have to do is go along for the ride.

Sometimes, however, going outside just isn’t an option. Whether it’s rain, snow, or heat, the weather won’t cooperate with your family’s fun plans at times. The good news is there are plenty of ways for you and your little ones to have a great time indoors!

In addition to optimizing your home to ensure you have the healthiest indoor environment for the whole family, S&S Worldwide shares a list of fun and educational activities your family can enjoy, no matter what the weather looks like.

Online Learning & Hands on Activities

You might be surprised to see us put “classes” at the top of the list, but it’s not about making your kids feel like they’re in school—it’s about reminding them of the joys of learning. There are a ton of kid-friendly, super fun online classes out there that will help your kid understand the world better while having a great time.

For example, you can look into STEM classes, designed to give your little one a better understanding of math, science, and more. If your child loves arts and crafts, check out online classes through a site like Sparketh. These blend artistic activities and scientific concepts in order to support knowledge and creativity all at once.

There are also several STEM products that kids can enjoy inside, like a STEM circuit kit to put their knowledge to the test.

stem circuits activity

Video Games

Yes, we all know we should be limiting screen time based on our little one’s age, but do you know how to make the most of the screen time you do allow? Age-appropriate video games are a fun, healthy way to give your child their daily screen time. Video games can boost hand-eye coordination, improve problem-solving skills, and tell a story all at once.

Digital Trends has a list of recommended video games based on age and ability to figure out what game is right for your little one. Depending on what kind of games you’re using, you may need to check to make sure your Wi-Fi can keep up. Poor connection speed can leave your child feeling frustrated rather than satisfied, which sours the experience significantly.

indoor games kids

Arts and Crafts

An indoor day is a great opportunity to unleash your little one’s inner artist. If they’re very young, set up a finger paint station in your garage or basement. This way they can still get as silly and messy as they’d like, without leaving a major chore in their wake. Older children can just paint with some paper set out beneath them, or try some papercrafts.

For a fun sensory experience at any age, look into making some homemade clay or slime. In addition to the fun of squishing and molding the final product, you get to have your little one practice math and follow step by step instructions. Have them help you follow the recipe, giving them whatever level of responsibility they can handle at their age. If your child is too little to help safely, you can still help with their verbal and reasoning skills by explaining the process out loud as you go.

finger paint kids

Kids might need your help finding fun indoors, but there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Stay creative, focus on activities that help your kids learn and play all at once, and get your supplies for indoor fun from S&S Worldwide. Soon, your kids might see a gloomy forecast and get excited for the best day of the week!

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