28 Puzzles & Brain Games For Kids

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With the recent school closings and parents home looking for activities to keep kids entertained, it is important to find ideas that can help them play and learn. Weve put together a list of puzzles and brain games that can help kids with motor skills and cognitive functions. Be sure to keep their creative minds at work with these ideas – like creating their own puzzles, solving Rubiks cubes, and playing fun brain teaser games.  

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Puzzle Packs

If you have multiple kids that need activities, these puzzle packs are the perfect go-to activity. From emojis to animal selfies, kids will sure get a laugh!

Wild Animal Puzzles

wild animals puzzle

Emoji Puzzle

emoji puzzle

Animal Selfie Puzzles

animal selfie puzzles

Craft Puzzles to Decorate

To encourage kids to be creative and artistic, have them color and decorate their own puzzles! There are several designs to choose from, from a completely blank canvas to outlined velvet art and nature puzzles!

Doodle Puzzles

doodle puzzle craft

Round Puzzles

color me puzzles

Wooden Animal Puzzles:

wooden animal puzzles

Velvet Art Mini

mini velvet art puzzles

Blank Puzzle

color me puzzle

Nature Puzzles

puzzles for kids

Chunky Puzzles for Young Kids

If you have younger children at home, they can enjoy puzzles too! We love Melissa Doug puzzle sets that have large pieces and also some come with knobs to make it easier to play and learn. Plus they all have super cute designs and colorful themed images for visual stimulation.

Chunky Puzzle Set

chunky puzzles for kids

Knob Puzzles:

jumbo knob puzzles

Shapes Puzzle

shape puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles

jigsaw puzzles

Peek-A-Boo Puzzle

peek a boo puzzle

Rainforest Puzzle

rainforest puzzle

Brain Games 

Add some brain teasers and games to their daily routine to help keep their minds stimulated. Even at home they can continue learning and growing!

Brain Teaser

brain teaser

Nat Geo Board Game

brain games for kids

Puzzle Books – Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches and more!

crossword puzzles and word search

In A Jar Games:

brain games in a jar

Educational Puzzles

Kids can also learn from puzzles! They can learn the solar system, world and U.S. maps, Presidents, and about the environment. 

Solar System

solar system puzzle

World Maps

world map puzzles

Around the World

around the world puzzle

Presidents Puzzle

presidents puzzle

Environment Puzzle

environmental puzzle

Cube Type Puzzles

The Rubiks cube is a challenging activity that kids can try at home! There is also a junior version for younger kids. 

Rubik’s Cubes

rubiks cubes

Plastic Puzzles

puzzle balls

Puzzle Ball

cosmo puzzle ball

Animal Puzzles

These animal shaped puzzles are a customer favorite! They are perfect for little hands – with a uniquely designed “animal-shape” and features extra large pieces for easy grasping. They also come with a fun fact insert on the animal.

I am lil animal puzzles


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  1. I really liked all the different puzzle games which you have shared for kids to keep them engaged for long hours. Great way to promote critical thinking as well as decision making capabilities of kids while enjoying these fun games. I think it is important to teach coding for kids at an early stage due to the growth of technology to create better opportunities for the future. With the help of coding apps & games educating kids about basic concepts of coding has become relatively easy. The puzzle games can be a great start for kids to develop their minds to think creatively. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list of games with us.

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