6 Independent Games for Higher-Functioning Seniors

Independent games for seniors

While some senior residents flock to group games and activities, there are other residents who prefer the peace and quiet of doing activities on their own. So if you have higher-functioning residents who would rather skip your Activity Room in order to do their own individualized activities in their room, then consider these 6 independent games to drop off for those residents.

1. Rubik’s Cube

independent senior living

Invite your resident to try to solve an easier version of the classic Rubik’s Cube in their room. As a fun challenge each week, stop by your resident’s room with the cube for your resident to try to solve. Encourage them to work on it throughout the week to see if they can solve it.

2. Picture Puzzles

picture puzzles seniors

Invite your resident to improve their observation skills with fun picture puzzles. Simply provide your resident with the puzzles that they can solve by trying to spot the differences in similar pictures.

3. Puzzle Challenges

independent senior activities

Set up a light-up puzzle in your Activity Room and encourage passersby to take the challenge of trying to replicate a puzzle from a challenge card. Encourage participants to time themselves to see how long it takes them to complete the challenge. Then invite them to come back again at a later time to see if they can beat their previous time.

4. Crossword Word Search Puzzles

Crossword Word Search Puzzles

Make available copies of various crossword and word search puzzles in your Activity Room for residents to freely pick up and solve. In fact, consider hosting a fun weekend challenge, in which you provide a word search puzzle and a crossword puzzle on Friday evenings in your Activity Room for residents to solve over the weekend and turn in by Monday morning to receive a prize.

5. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Organize a puzzle table somewhere in your facility for a larger-piece jigsaw puzzles for residents to work whenever they want. Find an empty or seldomly trafficked area in your facility to set up a small table for the puzzle. Then encourage residents to stop by throughout the day to work a few pieces at their leisure. Then once the puzzle has been solved, simply switch out the solved puzzle with a new jigsaw puzzle.

6. Lyric Matching Game

Lyrics Matching Game

Consider putting together a Resource Library in your Activity Room that contains independent games and books that residents can access and complete on their own. One such resource to add to this library is the lyric matching game, in which residents try to match two halves of a popular song lyric.

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