Fun DIY Kits for Your Senior Residents

Are you looking for a few fun projects that your senior residents can make? If so, then consider using these DIY kits that include easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and are really fun for your residents to create, for either personal use or as gifts.

1. DIY Wind chimes

Lighthouse Wind chimes

Provide residents with a wind chimes kit to create colorful wind chimes that can be hung on their balconies for the season. For the project, have residents paint the wooden lighthouses before attaching the wind chimes using the twine that is supplied in the kit. Be sure to make a few more to set outside of your facility’s back patio for residents to enjoy during the summer.

2. DIY Lotion

DIY Lotion Kit

Invite residents to whip together several different scents of hand lotion that they can use or give away as gifts. Encourage residents to have fun as they experiment with the lotion base, fragrance oils, and liquid coloring to create a unique hand lotion. Just like the wind chimes, be sure to have residents make a few extra bottles. That way you can use them for your hand massage and manicure activities with the residents.

3. DIY Wooden Birdhouses

wooden birdhouse

Use a wooden birdhouse kit  to get your residents showing off their creative painting skills. Invite residents to use the finished birdhouses to create a colorful bird sanctuary in your facility’s backyard.

4. DIY Coasters

wood tile coasters

Encourage residents to tap into their artistic ability to create fun patterns while assembling wood and tile coasters. For the project, supply residents with the wooden coasters to fill in by gluing tile pieces in a fun design. Beforehand, help residents map out their design onto paper before securing the tiles in place. Save the finished coasters for your upcoming summer backyard patio parties.

5. DIY Air Fresheners

international mens day ideas

Show residents how to make their own air fresheners using fragrance oils. Simply provide residents with markers to decorate the air freshener circles that come with the kit, and then have residents use one or multiple fragrance oils, like lemongrass or lavender, to create their own summer scents. Encourage residents to hang the finished air fresheners in their cars or homes, or to give them as gifts to loved ones.

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