6 Ways to Add Fun Games to Your Senior Activity Program

Switch up your senior living activities for 2019 by adding in a few fun and unexpected games. Try out one of the following ideas to shake things up a bit with your senior activities.

Host an Axe Throwing Contest

Help your residents take out their frustrations in a fun axe-throwing contest. Set up a safe-to-play foam axe target toss game in your Activity Room. Pass out foam axes to test the throwing skills of your residents, and award points for each successful throw.

axe throwing senior game

Organize a “Cat Fight” Game

If your Activity Room is usually empty in the afternoons, then add the activity “Cat Fight” on your activity calendar to see how many residents are suddenly interested in your afternoon activities. Once residents arrive, supply them with inflatable kitten mitts to wear so that they can participate in a cat fight. Next, set up your volleyball net, and have seated residents use their kitten mitts to hit a balloon back and forth over the net.

fun games for seniors

Do the Funky Chicken

During your Exercise Class, teach residents how to do the Funky Chicken. However, instead of showing them the 1960s dance, invite them to participate in the fun card game, the Funky Chicken. To play, have residents pick a card to find out which action move they or their team must complete. Play fun music in the background as residents show-off their dance moves.

senior games

Take a Trip Around the World

Lead your residents on a trip around the world by playing a fun word search contest. For the activity, pass out Around-the-World word search puzzles for residents to complete. Each week, host this contest to see who can complete their Around-the-World word search puzzle first. Afterwards, start a reminiscing discussion about some of the locations featured in the word search puzzle, and ask residents to share their travel memories of those locations.

senior living games

Go Camping

Take your senior residents on a fun camping trip while playing Camping Bingo. To play, pass out the camping bingo cards for residents to mark as they learn fun facts about camping from the calling cards. Instead of using the game’s bingo squares as the bingo markers, use small pebbles or stones from outdoors to help residents get into the camping spirit.

games senior residents

Blow Off Some Steam

Help your residents blow off some steam by having them use squeeze heads stress balls. Simply pass out the squeeze heads and encourage residents to let out their stress as they squeeze the heads while exercising their hands.

senior facility games


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  3. OMG! These are awesome ideas. My mom is going to have her 87th birthday in 2 months and I think cat fight and Funky chicken will be amazing for her and her neighborhood friends. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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