9 Floor Games For Your Senior Exercise Class

Do you have more empty chairs than people in your Exercise Class? If so, then you may want to change a few things this winter, like having residents play fun games instead of doing monotonous arm and leg movements.

Games allow residents to still get the arm and leg movements that you like to provide in your Exercise Class while having much more fun. They also provide opportunities for fun competition as well as prizes that can be used as motivation. If you want to add more exercise to the games, simply alter the games by having residents stand when it’s their turn to play.

Here are 9 unique floor games from notjustbingo.com to add to your activity calendar this winter to fill those empty seats in your Exercise Class.

Game #1: Frisbee Golf

Show residents how to combine the sports of Frisbee throwing and golf with a fun game of Frisbee Golf. To play the game in your Activity Room, set up the golf flags on the floor around the room, and have residents toss the discs so that they land around the flags.

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Game #2: Dice Rolling

Teach your residents how to shoot dice while getting a great arm workout. Simply provide residents with jumbo inflatable dice to roll to play a fun game of Beat That. To play, have each participant roll two dice, one at a time to get a score. So if the first roll is a 4 and the second roll is a 1, then they have a score of 41. Next, have another player roll the dice to see if they can beat that score. Another option is to use dice that are pre-printed, like the Rock, Paper, Scissors Game dice, where residents can challenge one another in the classic game.

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Game #3: Bowling Ring Toss

Have fun with residents as you teach them how to play bowling ring toss. To play, divide residents into teams, and pass out large rings for residents to throw to encircle the pins to accumulate points.

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Game #4: Hook & Loop Toss

Set up a hook and loop target for residents to play a game of tar grip toss, where the balls stay on the target. For each round of the game, have residents toss their tar grip balls to see who can land theirs closest to the center of the target.

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Game #5: Toss It Net

Encourage residents to work their arm muscles as you have them use a Toss-It Net to toss different objects in the air, like balloons or bean bags. Have residents see how high they can toss the objects by working together.

Game #6: Fly Swat Tennis

Leave the plastic tennis rackets in your activity closet and instead have residents use fly swatters to swat balloons back and forth for a fun game of Fly Swat Tennis. Set up your tennis net in your Activity Room, and provide seated residents with the swatters to hit an inflated balloon over the net.

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Game #7: Smash It Ball

Demonstrate to residents how they can play Smash It Ball – the fun game of volleyball without the net. Simply place a hoop on the floor and have residents bounce a ball back and forth so that it bounces within the hoop.

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Game #8: Catch Disc

Get residents together to play a game Game On Catch Ball and Disc. Divide residents into pairs, and encourage them to show off their curve balls and sliders to one another.

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Game #9: Saucer Smash

Introduce your residents to the fun game of Saucer Smash, where residents toss discs in hopes of landing them in the targets. Set up the targets throughout the room and have residents toss their discs into the targets. Instead of using plastic discs, opt for fabric discs so that residents don’t get hurt with all the flyer saucers.

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About Not Just Bingo:

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3 thoughts on “9 Floor Games For Your Senior Exercise Class

  1. I think that all the stuff you have are very good for people in wheelchsirs or using a walker. ROM is where its at ( range of motion) . Thank you for thesr gives me a idea here whete i live, i love helping, even if i am a sr.

  2. I am a cna and my clients ( especially men) like to throw a basketball to you. I stand about 5 or 6 ft away and i let it bounce one time and then the ball will go toward their lap and they will catch it. Then they throw it back and let it bounce one time and you catch. When first starting this to get them use to it get closer to them and bounce ball then as they get use to it you can get farther apart from them.

  3. Hi! These are great ideas! I’m a certified instructor (NETA) and teach at an independent living elderly housing facility. Where & how can I purchase this equipment?? Dice , Velcro Game, Bingo etc….

    Thank you,

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