February Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our 2023 February Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! Use this printable calendar as a resource to share with your students and encourage them to participate in the challenge in school and/or at home with their family. You can use the … Read More

Gazebo Bird Feeder Craft Activity

This Gazebo Bird Feeder is a popular craft for students learning about nature and birds. It can also be a fun craft activity for older individuals. It can be used for any season, even Fall and Winter! Birdhouses are boxes … Read More

7 Fun Tournament Ideas to Keep Your Group Active

Help your group recognize American Heart Month this February by scheduling fun tournament games to play throughout the month that will keep them active while exercising their heart. These activities can be altered to fit any group age, from young … Read More

Senior Activity Ideas for the Winter Athletic Games

Celebrate the upcoming Winter Athletic Games event in Beijing, China with your residents by hosting fun activities during the two-week event (February 4th to February 20th). Schedule activities that get your residents engaged and excited, like creating activities for preparation … Read More

6 Football Tailgate Party Ideas for Senior Residents

Get your residents into the Fall team spirit! Host a tailgate party for residents to enjoy. Set up fun tossing games throughout your facility for residents to play before the big game begins. Cornhole: Teach residents how to play the popular … Read More