DIY Heart Crafts & Coloring Projects For Valentine’s Day

Hearts are the traditional symbol for Valentine’s Day! There’s so many ways to show you care on this love-filled holiday. We’ve chosen our favorite heart crafts that are great for a variety of ages, and make wonderful gifts, decorations, and accessories. Each craft can be personalized and made from the heart!

Coloring Projects

These Color-Me items make it easy for kids to get creative with design and colors! The white surface is a blank canvas waiting to be colored!

Heart Frames

valentines day heart crafts frame

Our adorable Color-Me™ bisque frames are the perfect memorable Valentine’s Day gifts! Kids can use acrylic paint to decorate, and add fun designs like polka dots, xoxo, or hearts. Once it dries, they can choose a photo for the center and bring it home to their family! Our 4×4 frames come in a pack of 24, so this is a great activity for the classroom and afterschool.


round puzzles

Everyone can create their own design on these 15-piece Color-Me™ Round Puzzles, and then take them apart to assemble again and again. Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit by decorating your puzzle with pink and red hearts!


valentines day heart mobile

Create and decorate a super-cute Color-Me™ Heart Mobiles in time for Valentine’s Day! We recommend decorating with markers, crayons, gems, glitter, and more! Decorating supplies sold separately.

Paper Heart Ornament

ornaments hearts 2

Decorate the pieces, then slot fit together to make a Color-Me™ 3-D Paper Heart Ornament! Get creative with  paint, markers, glitter, and more. White chipboard and gold cord included for hanging.

DIY Crafts

Doily Heart Streamers

valentines day heart crafts classroom

If you need simple and low cost Valentine’s Day heart crafts to decorate your classroom with, make doily heart streamers! Our red and white doily hearts come in packs of 100 and in two different sizes. Thread a piece of string through the holes on each side of the doilies, alternating colors. Then hang it on your desk, in the windows, on the bulletin board, and more! You can also have students personalize each heart with their name and what they love about school!

Clay Heart Magnets

valentines day candy heart crafts

Can you tell what inspired this idea? Candy hearts! Make candy heart magnets using air dry clay and acrylic paint. They are super easy to make, and you can have fun with colors and different sayings. Give them out to your special Valentine so they can hang them on their refrigerator!

Valentine Pom Poms

Valentine Craft with Pom Poms

We love these adorable pom pom monsters or love bugs! All you need is some felt, pom poms, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners and glue. View the tutorial here!

Embroidery & Stitching

Valentine Bag

valentines day

Stitch your own design onto this adorable bag with our Embroider A Bag Craft Kit – it’s a perfect place to keep all of your Valentine’s Day treats and goodies!

Wood Stitch Heart

valentines day stitch heart crafts

Use our wood stitching plaques and embroidery floss to make a Valentine’s Day heart plaque! Create a border with purple yarn, then use red and pink for the hearts in the center. This is a fun adult craft that helps with hand eye coordination and motor skills. Hang the finished piece on the wall or give it as a gift to your Valentine!

Wood Crafts

Wood Heart Plaques

wood plaque collage

These laser-cut wood heart plaques can be customized for many projects, including adorable Valentine’s Day crafts! Decorate with paint, markers, and more.

Heart Bracelets

valentines day heart crafts bracelet

Wear some DIY accessories on Valentine’s Day! Our wooden bangle bracelets are fun to decorate for special occasions and holidays. To make the bracelet with white hearts, paint the bracelet first with acrylic white paint. TIP: Use 2 coats of white paint. Once dry, add heart stickers to the outside. Then mixed blue and pink acrylic paint to create a magenta color, and paint the entire bracelet, right over the stickers. Once dry, peel the stickers off carefully, and you have white hearts! You can also paint the bracelet white and keep the stickers on for a whole new look. And don’t forget to paint the inside too!

Heart Pendants

valentines day heart crafts pendants

These wood heart pendants can be decorated in so many different ways for Valentine’s Day activities! The smooth wood is a great surface to personalize with materials like acrylic paint, tempera, stain, markers, gems, and more. Or you can use chalkboard paint to create an ever-changing message pendant. The small hole at the top allows you to hang with string or cord.

You can also choose between a solid heart and the puzzle heart which can be shared!



color me heart bag

These heart bags are made of a canvas material and feature a heart photo pocket! Your group can decorate the bags with fabric makers, tie die, or paint, then embellish with gems and other craft materials. Then insert a favorite photo of themselves to gift to their favorite Valentine. If your program often takes trips to the local senior center, you can have the kids donate the bags to residents.

Squishy Heart

squishy heart valentines day

This new Color-Me™ Squishy Heart pack is a super popular activity for kids! A combination between sensory and creativity, these squishy hearts are like stress toys that you design! Decorate with markers and then squeeze!

More Valentine’s Day Crafts & Materials

valentines day crafts diy

Choose from so many fun craft options and materials in this photo! We’ve shared some of the items that you see here.

For even more craft ideas, visit Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make & Gift. You can also find our entire Valentine’s Day selection here

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you try any of these Valentine’s Day crafts!

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