Tissue Paper Painting – Bleeding Color Art Activity

Create a canvas of color with this popular tissue paper painting activity! You may have also heard this method referred to as bleeding tissue paper art or tissue paper transfer art. We’ve created a fun craft pack that combines crayon resist with tissue paper art. View the step by step tutorial below.

Tissue Paper Art Made Easy

tissue paper painting craft activity

Our exclusive Tissue Paper Painting Easy Pack makes it convenient for your group to create with this innovative painting technique! Our easy pack comes with enough supplies to make at least 36 pieces of art, so it’s great for larger groups. The pack includes 5” x 7” watercolor paper panels, a pack of pre-cut 2500 bleeding art tissue squares 1.5″ in 25 assorted colors, 3 spray bottles, white crayons for creating resist patterns, and an idea guide. These are all packed in a convenient, portable storage box!

We also listed out the materials below if you don’t have the easy pack:


Video Tutorial:


  • Choose whether you’d like to use the crayon resist for your project. If so, first you will draw a design (words, patterns, etc) with white crayon on the watercolor panel. This design will show up after you apply the squares. NOTE: Because you are drawing white on white, your drawing won’t be visible until the final step.
  • Pre-wet the watercolor panel by spraying it with a spray bottle filled with water. You can also choose to use a paintbrush if you’d like.
  • Apply the tissue paper squares randomly or in a planned arrangement. We recommend spraying or painting some more water over the squares to accelerate the color “bleeding”.
  • For best results, allow the water to dry before removing the squares.
  • Once you remove the squares, the color will have transferred onto the watercolor panel, revealing your drawing and the color from the squares!

bleeding tissue paper painting

Important: Dye from the paper will stain hands and surfaces so protective care should be taken.

DIY Tissue Paper Projects

bleeding tissue paper painting

You can also use our pre-cut tissue painting squares for many different craft activities. This pack comes with 2500 colorful squares. You can use heavy paper, cardstock, watercolor paper or even canvas sheets.. Simply pre-wet your surface, then apply the paper squares and watch as the color bleeds through!

Our craft expert Crafty Kate used our pre-cut tissue painting squares with our beautiful gold resist prints to create this design. The gold lettering still shines through nicely!

scatter kindess tissue paper art

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53 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Painting – Bleeding Color Art Activity

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  3. Hi – I ordered your Watercolor Gold Resist Art Prints and am a bit confused on whether they go on the canvas after the bleeding art tissue or prior? Also, I plan on doing this on Canvas… Any tips on making the color bleed well? Please get back to me ASAP… Thanks 🙂

  4. using the white crayon didn’t do anything you could barely see it, what if you used a different type of crayon, maybe an oil crayon ?

    • Hi Stacy, sorry for the delayed response, we have limited staff during these times. You should be able to use a regular wax crayon, just make sure you press hard enough so the wax gets on the paper. Are you using a watercolor panel for your base?

      • Hi, I’m having the same problem, I used a cotton canvas board and the colours came through but the crayon got the colours too and is hardly visible. any tips?

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  8. I toyed with bleeding tissue paper this summer. Tried straight vinegar on one sheet and straight water on another sheet. They both produced the same exact outcome. Can’t wait to try this with our 1st graders!

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  15. i did this a long long time ago with a kindergarten class making big , oversized butterfly wings. And I remember needing to add a little vinegar to the water spray. Do you know if vinegar will help to increase the bleeding and hold the colors? Just wondering if you had tinkered with this. Great idea!

    • Hi Jayne, Using vinegar is not something we’ve experimented with but that’s a great tip! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Hi Kenisha! Good question, you’d have to wet the tissue paper you have and see if it’s color-fast or bleeding tissue paper. Most gift wrap tissue is not color-fast so it wouldn’t work for this project, again you need to use bleeding tissue paper. Hope this helps!

  16. Iwell done to all these ideas i use pinterest nearly every day for my nursary and it is so much help Thank you monica

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