Strikerball Activity for Physical Education

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My name is Kalie Schult and I am a PE teacher from Winterse, Iowa. I posted a video of my students playing Strikerball on Twitter for my striking unit in PE and it was a hit! Below I have shared the instructions and a video of the students in action.


  • 12” or larger Poly Cones (quantity depends on your class size)
  • Foam Ball (8″ or larger)

Grade Level: K-8

Game Description:

Strikerball has turned into a PE favorite with my students during our striking unit. With simple rules and limited set up it can be played in any gym and be set up quickly. Strikerball is a continuous game that works on many aspects such as:

  • Moving
  • Defensive Position
  • Striking
  • Reaction Time
  • Strategic Play

Set Up:

Use cones to create a circle. I like to use 6-8 cones per circle and have the cones space about three feet apart. The size of the circle can be adaptive to fit the needs of your students.

How to Play:

  1. Each student stands in the “goals” (spaces) of the cones. One student per goal.
  2. Each student must stay inside of their goal. They cannot move freely within the circle.
  3. The game begins with one student striking the ball with the palm of their hand. They are called the server. The server cannot serve at the players to their immediate right or left.
  4. If the ball enters the students goal area they must strike the ball immediately with their hands. The ball can never be kicked, stopped, or picked up with hands.
  5. To score a point, a student must strike the dodgeball through the players cones.
  6. When a point is scored, the player that scored must go and retrieve the ball.
  7. The player that was the server now gives the player to their right to start the game with a serve.

I have seen lots of variations of this game on Twitter. It is great to see the #physed community implementing new ways to play this game at all age levels!

Other PE Teachers Who Have Tried Strikerball

About the Author:

kalie schult pe teacher

My name is Kalie Schult and I am in my fifth year of teaching physical education. I graduated from Simpson College in 2014 majoring in K-12 PE/Health with a minor in coaching. My first teaching job was in south central Iowa at Earlham Elementary School where I taught PK-6th grade PE/Health for two years. Currently, I am in the Winterset Community School District as a K-3 PE teacher. I am always striving to enhance my curriculum to create a positive learning environment for my students. I want those positive experiences to lead to physical literate HMMMMM students that lead to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@kkirchhoff_pe) to get a glimpse into my classroom!

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6 thoughts on “Strikerball Activity for Physical Education

  1. Thanks for sharing a new idea for us to use in our after school program. I think the kids will enjoy this!
    Thank you from: Mesa, Az.

  2. Like they way in which this game can be adapted to suit any restrictions we have at present such as each player handling the ball and the extra somatisation to equipment. This game is similar to one I have done for many years called Elephant football, where each child/person stands in a circle with feet apart and connecting their feet with the person next to them (space between their feet becomes the goals) The ball is kept moving by striking using the opposite hand in which they would normally use and the dominant hand behind their back throughout the game.
    Options: use as a continues game or set time (each collect points), each have 1-5 lives before they are out (this then reduces the circle and makes a faster game as the circle gets smaller, while those out get recovery time or move onto another game)
    Kids enjoy this game and variations are always welcome and look forward to new ideas (Dance teacher, fitness instructor & PT, athletics lev3 Coach and playworker)

  3. I am taking over the gym classes K-8 for our school through May. I like your strike ball activity but can I modify it so the students don’t use hands? I am trying to have limited use of equipment.
    Thank you!

  4. Have you ever tried it with a pool noodle? I have a bunch I cut it half, gonna give it a try this year. Have never played it but it looks fun. 23 years in and I’m still learning. Moving to 4th and 5th grade PE this year. Can’t wait to find more games

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