Gazebo Bird Feeder Craft Activity

bird feeder craft

This Gazebo Bird Feeder is a popular craft for students learning about nature and birds. It can also be a fun craft activity for older individuals. It can be used for any season, even Fall and Winter!

Birdhouses are boxes typically made to resemble a mini house for birds. These houses provide birds to make their nests or to retrieve birdseed and to stay safe from predators such as squirrels. Birdhouses are used to promote more birds to fly in a yard or in a garden. These mini homes provide a decorative attraction to butterflies and to different species of birds in the garden and invite children to observe bird movements and sounds.

Colors to avoid are white because it represents “danger” to most birds. Colors such as pink, orange, yellow, green, gray, and blue are most common to paint onto the birdhouses. Kids can build fine motor skills, color balancing, and master new mediums with this craft activity.

Age: 7+


Decorative options:


1) Gently sand off some of the small particles of wood with sand paper.

2) Apply a thin coat of white acrylic paint or gesso as a primer.

3) Choose the colors you’d like to use for your birdhouse. It is best to choose colors that are not neon or white because it does not promote bird visitation.

4) Mix your paint colors and begin to paint your birdhouse. You can choose a solid color or add designs like polka dots with a different color paint after your base coat dries..

5) Choose a flower or succulent to add to your birdhouse using a hot glue gun (with adult supervision) or Elmers glue. If you’d like, you can apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the flowers or the succulents to avoid weathering.

6) Apply 2 coats of Mod Podge to the entire birdhouse, especially the inside and the roof, so that it is protected against the outside elements of rain and sun

7) Apply other craft trims, like beads or pine cones to decorate your birdhouse.

8) Hang outside on a tree or hook (avoid areas where squirrels will hang on to).

Now you can enjoy the sight of birds and teach your group about nature and birds! You can also refer to this blog for more bird crafts and resources. Plus, plan a Nature Watch by following these tips.

gazebo bird feeder craft

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