6 Senior Living Craft Ideas For American Heart Month

american heart month senior crafts

Since February is a month filled with heart themed holidays, be sure to plan fun craft activities for your residents that allow them to make heart crafts. Try out one of these 6 simple crafts for your residents this month!

Heart Plaques for Wall Decoration

Assist residents with crafting wood heart plaques to create wall décor for their apartments. The pack comes with 24 laser-cut wood heart plaques that can be decorated with paint or markers. Encourage residents to hang their finished projects on the walls or on door knobs with string or jute in their apartments as decoration.

heart plaque craft

Stained Glass Hearts for Window Decoration

Make stained glass hearts with residents that they can hang in their windows as fun suncatchers. Use paint and ribbon to decorate the hearts.

stained glass hearts

Beaded Hearts for Door Decorations

Invite residents to assemble beaded hearts to place on their apartment doors for this National Heart Month. To make the beaded hearts, simply thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners before finishing with the hemp bows. Provide residents with hooks for them to place their finished hearts as beautiful decoration on their doors.

american heart month crafts

Heart Mobiles for Valentine Décor

Encourage residents to help you decorate for the Valentine’s Day holiday by making heart mobiles that you can hang throughout your Activity Room. For the mobiles, pass out markers, glitter, and gemstones for residents to decorate just in time for your Valentine’s Day festivities.

heart mobile craft

Heart-Shaped Notes for Valentine’s Gifts

Provide residents with heart-shaped note holders to paint and include a heartfelt note, or decorate heart pins as gifts for their grandchildren for Valentine’s Day. Supply residents with paint, markers, and glitter pens to create fun and decorative heart crafts that can become a keepsake for their grandchildren.

heart month pins

Heart Ornaments for a Heart Tree

Help residents make heart ornaments that you can use to create a heart tree in your facility for this National Heart Month. For the project, pass out markers and paint for residents to decorate the hearts. Then set up a small tree (or a collection of branches from outside that can be spray-painted white) and hang the finished ornaments.

heart ornament craft

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