February Daily Holidays & Observances Printable Calendar

Our Daily Holidays & Observances calendar is a great printable resource for inspiring virtual and socially distanced activity ideas for your program. You can align them to a theme or lesson plan. See the link below for our February 2023 Calendar.

Refer to the calendar when you need inspiration, whether you are planning activities for the entire month for each holiday, or you need last minute ideas. Be sure to visit our Daily Holidays page to find related items that can help you celebrate each observance.

February 2023 Daily Holidays & Observances – Printable Calendar

February 2023 Printable Daily Holidays Calendar

How to Use the Calendar For Your Program

We have listed the daily holidays or observances that fall on each day of the month. Some days have multiple holidays, so you can choose to focus on just one, plan an activity for each one, or combine them if possible.

For example, February 12th is Lincoln’s Birthday and also National Lost Penny Day. These were purposefully on the same day to honor Abraham Lincoln being on the coin. Plan a Penny Drive for your school or program, where each classroom raises money for a charity or to purchase equipment for the school. Learn more about this fundraiser idea here.

You may choose to use the calendar to plan your activities each month and develop themes around each of the days or a combination of days.

The third week in February includes World Radio Day and National Innovation Day. Incorportate STEM into both of these observances! Our Snap Circuits sets feature several different activities that allow for problem solving, building, and creating projects like an FM radio, energy compartment, rechargeable battery, windmill, and more. Your group can get innovative!

In February, there are also 3 different observances that encourage and recognize girls and young women in different areas of study. Download the calendar for activity ideas and inspiration for each of these.

  • National Girls & Women in Sports Day – February 1st
  • International Day of Women & Girls in Science – February 11th
  • Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day – February 23rd

If you are just looking for some filler ideas or last minute ideas, refer to the calendar on any particular day and come up with a quick lesson or activity related to the daily holiday or observance. Some of these can even be used for brain breaks.

Activity Ideas Suggestions

On pages 2 & 3, you will find an activity suggestion for each holiday and observance under the Activity Ideas section.

If you see a URL under the Activity Ideas section, that means the observance is listed on our Daily Holidays page. Visit that link (PDF includes clickable links) to find products and items that would work great for an activity.

We’ve also shared some specific ideas as a guide. For example, for National Create a Vacuum Day on February 4th you can share a fun experiment with your group – how do you make water rise without touching it! Create a Vacuum like the idea below using a mason jar, food die, water, and a candle.

On February 27th, get your students active with a game inspired by the app for National Pokemon Day! PE Teacher Brian Kampper shares details and a printable for the activity.

PE Activity – Catch the Mythological Creatures

Weekly & Monthly Observances

Our printable calendars also include weekly and monthly observances. For the month of February, there are several weekly and monthly observances. We have shared a few helpful links and related ideas below.

Monthly Observances:

Weekly Observances:

We would love your feedback on how you plan to use the calendar for your program, and if you would like to see any changes in the template. Thanks everyone!

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4 thoughts on “February Daily Holidays & Observances Printable Calendar

  1. Can we get an enlarged version for the monthly calendars after we set it up and purchase it through you? I used to use another site, but have had many complications recently as they changed their web site, and am looking for a new source to get my large (28×36 ‘ish) calendar. Thank you in advance. Diane

  2. I love, love, love this addition to the S&S website! I have been a Senior Retirement Activity Director for more than 10 years. This helps so much!
    Please remember to include adult activity suggestions and ideas that are age appropriate for seniors. I already used the calendar when planning my February calendar of events! Great Job!
    I have ordered art and craft kits and we have made many happy memories with them!

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