February Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our 2019 February Fitness Challenge Calendar is here!

We teamed up with the Alliance For A Healthier Generation to create this fitness calendar for the month of February. Below is the link to the download, which is a total of 6 pages with visuals.

We’ve also added 2 new features to the calendars this year – a Certificate of Completion and a Task Sheet. See below for details and printable PDFs!

Printable Fitness Calendar February 2019

February Fitness Calendar 2019

Students are challenged each day to participate in the activities listed on the calendar. For February, the exercises include Reverse Lunges, Squats, Squat Jumps, Knee Raises, Heel Walks, and Tippy Toe Walks. Each week, the number of repetitions for each fitness exercise increases. Wednesdays are themed for the big football game this month, and include two task cards that combine the popular sport plus geography.

The calendar also includes task cards for each exercise, so you can show your students images of the correct way to do the activities.

Football Activities

To celebrate the big game on Sunday, February 3rd, refer to the NFL Stadium Geography Task Cards for activities related to both fitness and geography. Each Wednesday of the month, have students use their classroom, gym, cafeteria, or even outdoors to participate in the activities listed on the cards. Use the map to help them them visualize where each team is located, the distance each team is from another, and how far they are located depending on what state your program is in. Refer to the key which shows the symbols for the AFC and NFC divisions of the National Football League’s American Football Conference for North, West, South, and East.

Challenge students to:

  • Look at the map and name the NFL teams.
  • Use the map to complete the fitness challenges listed on the NFL Stadium Geography Task Cards.

Feel free to change the teams on the task cards to reflect this year’s top teams. Pass out mini footballs as prizes for completing the challenge!

We love this idea from PE teacher Christine Mason inspired by the NFL Stadium Georgraphy Task Cards. She placed cones along the gym with printed sheets of the team name, and students perform tasks listed on the cards at each team station.

February is American Heart Month

To honor American Heart Month, have students wear heart rate monitors during each fitness exercise to keep track of their heart rate changes. You can even have students practice some football speed and agility training.

As a fun incentive for completing the challenge, give students a novelty item like these heart shaped stress balls.

Task Sheet

Download our printable Fitness Challenge Task Sheet for your participants to fill out each day! They will record what exercises they did and put a check mark in the completed box if they completed the number of reps on the calendar. There is also a self-assessment section which is great for social emotional learning. Kids will circle the emoji that best describes how they felt after doing the exercises. The notes section is a place where they can jot down anything related to the activities, and also a great place to record their hobbies they did each Saturday this month.

Get the printable Task Sheet here.

Fitness Challenge - Task Sheet

Certificate of Completion

Reward your students for completing the Fitness Challenge! View our printable Certificate of Completion below specifically designed for the month of February. It will open up a Word Document with the template – you just have to fill in the names of your students where it says Enter Name Here.

Get the printable Certificate here.

February Fitness Challenge Calendar Award

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources related to Football & American Heart Month

We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below!

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  1. Thanks a million for the calenders, I try to use one each month. Our school newsletter usually will give me both sides of one page. If possible creating a one page both sides/modified calender to be copied would be fantastic because the paper used in multiple pages for hundreds of kids may be prohibitive.
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