Wildlife & Jungle Themed Activity Ideas for Kids

Planning an event for your program with a Jungle or Wild Animal theme? We’ve got you covered for fun activity ideas! Whether it is a week long summer camp, a birthday party or even a lesson plan activity – the adventures are sure to be extROARdinary for your group!

Choose from the crafts and activities below for even more wild adventures.

Jungle Themed Dramatic Play

Kids can have some wild adventures with a Jungle theme! Create your own DIY jungle scene with construction paper, or use this tropical foliage paper roll. Have your group color and design their own animal masks or wear safari hats for dramatic play. View more ideas for decorating and jungle play below.

jungle themed activities

  • Jungle Stickers – Use these Jungle themed wall & window stickers for transforming your room into a wild adventure! The pack comes with over 100 stickers. These also make great incentives and rewards.
  • Jungle Puppets – Dramatic play helps kids build character! These puppets are great for skits, puppet shows and more. Includes a rhino, giraffe, lion, and zebra.
  • Jungle Animals – This set of 6 jungle animals includes a lion, tiger, zebra, elephant, rhino, and giraffe. They are made of soft, wipe-clean vinyl. Kids can set up their own jungle corner and tell a story of their adventure in the wild.

Jungle Themed Painting

Tiger Paint By Number

tiger paint by number

Jungle Themed Puzzles

What better way to celebrate a Jungle Theme than with a fun and challenging puzzle in the shape of a tiger? We also have mini jungle animal shaped puzzles including a sloth, giraffe, and more! Bring these animals to life and even glue and hang the work once it’s finished with Mod Podge.

jungle themed puzzles

Jungle Shadow Drawing

We love this idea from the Above and Beyond, Te Puna Facebook page. Kids can use jungle animals to create shadow drawings. Set up sheets of paper, place the animals in from of the paper in the sunlight, and watch as the shadows form on the pages! Share with your group how God created the sunlight, and it reflects on all of His creations.

Nature Print Paper Animals

Using the same concept as the above idea, you can also use our Nature Print Paper to produce animal prints – teaching children a little about photography exposure and also ending up with a cool framed image of their favorite animal. Below are Starfish, but you can use any of these jungle animals and even have your group customize frames to put them in!

Jungle Themed Games & Activities

Provide some games and activities for kids for even more wild adventures! Many of these games are educational and can help teach kids counting, focus, concentration, and memory. You’ll also find visual and auditory sensory activities.

jungle themed games

  • Place Value Safari Game – Kids can play and learn with this educational place value game. Players must fill their safari boards with base ten units and rods to escape the tiger. They complete a variety of simple math tasks as they move along the game board. Builds skills in adding and subtracting!
  • Animal Audio Bingo – In this fun adudio game, the bingo caller plays the different sounds on shuffle while players put counters on the matching image. The caller can also use the flipbook to show images of the animals along with the sounds as an extra prompt. A great sensory game for kids.
  • Animal Planet Matching Game – This game features some of kid’s favorite animals from around the world. Test memory and animal knowledge and be the first to collect the most pairs.

Sensory Jungle Adventure

We also love this new Wildlife themed Find It® Tube that allows kids to go on a contained adventure to find exotic animals within the colorful pellets. In this “treasure hunt”, they can find a range of wild animals, like a high-flying eagle, slow-moving turtle, and the armored crocodile. This is also a great sensory activity, as they can shake, spin, and twist the tube for visual and auditory stimulation.

wildlife game jungle

Bug Catching

It’s easy to forget about the bugs of the jungle world while focusing on elephants and tigers, but they still play an important role despite their size! Set up a Bug Catching Adventure for kids, where you place the small bugs around the room and hand them each a bug catcher. Turn it into a game to see who can catch the most. Our bug catcher set includes 12 bugs and catchers. For addtional bugs, you can use this 72 pack of insects.

jungle activities

Jungle Themed Craft

Let kids’ imaginations run wild with some fun jungle themed DIY crafts and craft kits!

DIY Paper Lion Craft

For a simple DIY craft for younger age groups, make these little lions with doilies, yarn, construction paper, wiggly eyes, and glue. View the tutorial here.

roar theme vbs 2019

Paint-a-Dot™ Craft Kits

For these crafts, the paint is in the paper! Just brush on the water and reveal the picture. Our two packs include Rainforest Animals and Jungle Animals. These are great crafts for younger kids because of the easy set up and no mess. Each come with 24 projects which is perfect for a group activity.

jungle safari themed crafts

DIY Paper

Use jungle themed paper to make crafts or decorate for your program!

jungle print paper

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