16 Educational Resources and Activities for the Classroom

Find helpful educational resources below to help you prepare for the new school year, including literacy activities, icebreakers, classroom management, organization and storage ideas, fundraising options, and other teacher tips!

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5 Tips for Incorporating Social Emotional Learning in Your Program

As educators and youth development leaders, some of the most important things we can teach to the kids we work with are learning how to manage emotions and interact with others. Social emotional learning (SEL) addresses children’s ability to learn … Read More

3 Free Printable Activity Ideas to Engage Students

Looking for an icebreaker or a way to kick off a theme or lesson? Many of our customers at S&S Worldwide have themed activities or new lessons and units that they are introducing the students and children in their programs. … Read More

Creative Storage Ideas for Classroom Organization

Staying organized is the key to a successful classroom. It allows teachers to streamline their lessons and materials, and even helps keep students focused and on task when they know where to find everything they need for a lesson. We’ve gathered … Read More

Simple Fitness Ideas & Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Common knowledge from educational materials suggest that a student’s attention span is as long as their age. As adults, we know that we should get up and move every 50 minutes. The trend today is less sitting and more moving. … Read More

5 Ways to Use Classroom Procedures for a Better Teaching Experience

With the start of the school year underway, I thought I would share some key things to keep in mind when teaching procedures to students. As an experienced teacher who interacts with new teachers on a regular basis, one of … Read More

Tips for Parents – Preparing Kids for Back to School

We have now entered that time of year – the ritualistic preparation for back to school. New size uniforms, school supplies, learning about your child’s new teacher, and buying community classroom supplies are just a few of the to-do items … Read More

Back to School Tips for PE Teachers

Welcome to the start of back to school, Physical Education teachers!  Are you excited that the school year is about to start? Are you nervous? Or are you like me, thinking to yourself, “What in the world am I going … Read More

Bucket Filler Bulletin Board for the Classroom

Are you a Bucket Filler or a Bucket Dipper?  Bucket Filling is a social emotional and character building practice that is taking place in classrooms and early education programs all over.  Playing off of the golden rule “To treat others … Read More

Classroom Management Ideas by Grade Level

Keep It Simple Strategies (KISS) – Our keep it simple strategies articles showcase great ideas for classroom management. Learn new tips, resources, activity ideas, and ways to manage your classroom. We have an article for each grade level … Read More

5 School Fundraising Ideas for Teachers & Parents

Parents and teachers share creative ideas that go beyond raffles and car washes and keep the fun in fundraising. We teamed up with Family Fun Magazine to share these 5 ideas that you can recreate at your school! Find some … Read More

10 Items to Create an Organized Classroom!

Organization plays a huge support role in managing your classroom. Easy access to materials and an understanding of classroom flow can have a dramatic effect on student learning. Teachers need to consider special needs of students, room for themselves to walk … Read More

Motivational Posters in the Classroom

It’s important to have motivational posters in classrooms, after school rooms, and in any areas where children spend their time and need inspiration to learn, play or explore. Special Education teacher Neva Fenno shares how these posters can make a difference … Read More

Using Bingo to Keep Your Classroom Focused

I’m on the marketing team here at S&S, and I thought I’d share a teaching tip from my wife Amy. She’s an amazing teacher and I have no doubt based on the great job she did in helping raise our … Read More

Collaborative Bullying Prevention Activities

In order to prevent bullying in your classrooms and communities, you need to actively get children involved and engaged in anti-bullying activities, games, and crafts. In addition to our 7 Tips to Help You Prevent Bullying, we’ve listed some … Read More

4 Really Cool Ways Teachers Use Post-it Notes in the Classroom

Yup, I love Post-it notes! I don’t think a day goes by in the office when I don’t write on one. Since S&S now carries office supplies like my beloved post-its, I’ve been researching how our customers use them in more non-traditional … Read More

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