Bucket Filler Bulletin Board for the Classroom

bucket filler in the classroom

Are you a Bucket Filler or a Bucket Dipper? 

Bucket Filling is a social emotional and character building practice that is taking place in classrooms and early education programs all over.  Playing off of the golden rule “To treat others the way you want to be treated”, bucket filling is fun for kids because it is visual and immediately rewarding. The idea is that if children practice being bucket fillers often, even if some of the reason is to win a prize or get their bucket filled, then eventually it will become habit. It always feels good to do good. We’ve shared a colorful bucket filling bulletin board example to inspire you to try out in your classroom!

What is a Bucket Filler?

Teachers can create a variety of bucket filling activities, but mainly it is when a student shows acts of kindness, helpfulness, positive behavior, sharing, and mindfulness of others and their feelings. These actions make them a Bucket Filler! It can be something as simple as saying hello and good morning to others as they enter the classroom, or including another peer when they would have otherwise been left out. As the teacher recognizes this behavior, they can fill the child’s bucket with one of many items – pom poms, fun novelties, Popsicle sticks, beads, etc.

What is a Bucket Dipper?

Where filling a bucket is the promotion of positive behavior, the dipping would be the opposite. Bucket Dippers not only get an item taken from their bucket, but they also have hurt the feelings of someone else. Saying mean words, lying, not sharing, bullying, not picking up after oneself, these are all actions of Bucket Dippers.

bucket filler popscicle stick

Back to School and Bucket Filling

Trying out the concept of bucket filling is perfect for the start of the school year to set students off on the right foot. It is a fun way to promote a positive environment, get the children excited, and to manage your classroom.

This concept promotes teamwork, positive behavior, collaboration, and allows you to build a classroom of mindful and respectful students.

You can print out a template for buckets, or use poster board to create them. You can also use real buckets like these Color Me mini buckets that kids can color themselves. Fill them with pom pomssmall toysgems & jewels or fun prizes.

Here are some designs for inspiration on creating your own DIY Bucket Filler bulletin board or concept.

Bucket Fillers Bulletin Board Pack

bucket filler classroom

Super Hero Bulletin Board Pack

bucket filler and bulletin board classroom

Space Crew Bulletin Board Set

bucket filler bulletin board teachers

Do you use this Bucket Filler concept in your classroom? Let us know in the comments below.

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  2. Thank you to everyone for supporting the bucketfilling philosophy. My father, Merrill Lundgren, “The Bucket Man”, was the first person to adapt the bucket filling and dipping concept into a children’s program. Most folks don’t realize it was originally designed as a business management philosophy for adults. I have proudly continued the bucketfilling endeavor for both children and adults through bucketfillersforlife.com. Since 2007, we have been to over 750 schools and dozens of other organizations. If you would like more information, please make contact through the web site. Thanks again, everyone! Happy Bucketfilling! Peter Lundgren

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    • Hi Teresa, thanks so much for that feedback! We will look into sharing some ideas for older students. Is there any subject in particular you would specifically like to see content on?

  4. I love your ideas, but I teach 11th grade AP and Honors ELA. Do you any anything that would better gear towards that group of students?

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Marye Smith

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