Must-Have Classroom Supplies For Teachers

must have classroom supplies

Yes, students need essential supplies at the start of the school year…but so do teachers! If you’re a brand-new educator, or even an experienced teacher, the process of selecting supplies for your classroom can be overwhelming. To make it easier, consider these categories and the must-have supplies to have on hand within each of them:

For Your Desk

Your desk is essentially your office, so think about the basic supplies you’ll need to conduct tasks like grading papers, writing notes, and sorting assignments. This will probably include:

It’s also important to keep these supplies handy so you can grab them quickly. Desk organizers like this one will keep your papers and files in sight, while a rotary desk organizer has 9 compartments to store pens, notepads, and paperclips within your reach. If you travel to different classrooms throughout the day, a rolling cart organizer serves as your desk on-the-go with plenty of room to take supplies and classroom materials wherever you need to be.

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For Your Students’ Desks

Inevitably, your students will misplace, break, or run out of their own school supplies throughout the year. Instead of offering them the stock from your desk, consider setting up an ‘Extra Supply Center’ for your classroom. Include basic consumable supplies (like pencils, markers, glue sticks, and loose-leaf notebook paper) so your students can pick up the extras they need without disrupting your instruction.

A handy rolling utility cart also makes a perfect (and portable) ‘Extra Supply Center’ to store these items.

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To Organize Your Classroom

Organization is key, not just to keep your classroom orderly, but to create an efficient and stress-free environment for you and your students! Different centers around your classroom can easily be organized with storage bins and labels. This will ensure every item has a home and can be put away quickly.

You can also bring a similar system to forms and homework and keep them from piling up on your desk. This homework collector box gives students a clear place to deposit their homework by subject. Also, these school to home folders help students keep track of forms that need to be sent home and then returned to the classroom. This hanging folder organizer also saves space by holding your folders in one designated area.

Large classroom calendars (like this upcycle calendar set for younger grades or this laminated jumbo wall calendar for older grades) assist in establishing specific due dates and activities for all to see. You can even find organizational bulletin board themes (like this Back to School Stars theme) which display classroom rules and the daily schedule prominently, keeping everyone focused and on the same page!

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Safety & Health in the Classroom

Unfortunately, even the most organized and sparkling clean classroom will become besieged with germs after a simple uncovered cough or sneeze. Be sure to have plenty of tissue boxes in every corner of your classroom, along with a healthy supply of disinfecting wipes. They can be used on virtually any surface to kill 99.9% of common illness-causing germs. In addition, these items are essential for any minor cuts and scrapes that may occur.

While every classroom is different, these supplies should give you a good foundation for a successful year. Do you have any other must-have classroom supplies for teachers? Let us know in the comments below!

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Article sumbitted by: Lindsay Bayer, M.Ed.

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