3 Free Printable Activity Ideas to Engage Students

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Looking for an icebreaker or a way to kick off a theme or lesson?

Many of our customers at S&S Worldwide have themed activities or new lessons and units that they are introducing the students and children in their programs. We’ve gathered some very simple and very easy ideas to spark interest and relate upcoming or current themes to an activity.  Thanks to our friends at Education World for providing us some of their templates, we’ve accompanied them with ideas below.  These are pretty easy, can be done with on hand supplies – just print and watch students engage!

License Plate to a Fun Summer

The idea for this activity is to print one license plate with each child’s name, and something that is relevant to what you are trying to generate excitement about. For example, if you are using the printable for Summer Camp, start the activity by asking children to “Use their imagination to draw everything they hope to accomplish and do this summer at camp”. As a reminder, recap your themes for the season, and even some exciting field trips you have planned. Then they can use colored pencils, markers, crayons, and other craft materials to make it their own.

The great thing about this template is it’s versatile and can be used for any program. For inspiration, think of units you are about to introduce, a field trip, or even an upcoming event you are hosting.

You can download this free printable here at educationworld.com

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Create Your Own BINGO – Topical or Themed

These Bingo templates can be as simple or as detailed as you want them to be. There are several ways to set up your template, but the main concept is to give each student their own Bingo print out and then you choose a theme or topic for the entire group. Remember, what you have on the Bingo cards you will also need to have yourself for calling out the numbers or words. You may consider cutting out small pieces of paper yourself to write down what the children have on their Bingo Cards.

If you decide to use props, we’ve shared an example using Transportation Vehicle counters for a Transportation lesson. Give students colors to choose from on their BINGO cards that match your props. In this case, we have the following 6 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. Blue and Purple. Take the opportunity to discuss each vehicle. Allow children to choose vehicles and colors and combine them in each square until their Bingo cards are full. For example, “red airplane” would go in one square, “green boat” would go in another, and so on. These cute farm animal counters also work well.

Then, you can put the counters (or pieces of paper) in something covered and choose one at a time to call BINGO. Regular rules of Bingo are applied, but if you want to look for creative ways to play, we have some ideas here.

For the free printable, click here to educationworld.com

printable bingo template

cars and truck counters

WANTED! – Student Engagement

These cool editable and printable WANTED posters are a super fun way for students to get to know each other, create a character or even add to a Wild Western theme! It encourages student engagement and also can be used as an icebreaker.

For the free printable, head here to educationworld.com

blank WANTED poster

Share some of your ideas for these printables in the comments below!

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