Western & Country Themed Activity Ideas For Kids

western country theme

Planning fun new themes for your summer camp or recreational program? We’ve shared several ideas for a Western or Country theme! Decorate your entire Activity Room with an entire Wild West or Barnyard theme and get your group excited with accessories like cowboy hats and bandanas. Try new games, crafts, and other activities too!

View our Barnyard theme on our website for additional resources!

Theme Names:

  • Barnyard
  • Farm
  • Wild Wild West
  • Western
  • Country

Western Themed Decorations

First, create the scene with a Western decorating pack that inculdes a 4 inch tall barn backdrop, barn loft doors, hay bales, barn door props, Wanted Sign cutouts, and other western cutouts. Or you can have kids create a DIY scene with print rolls, large hay bales made from cardboard boxes, and white tape.

farm western theme

You can also use these Western cutouts and decorate the entire room with this decorating kit.

Country Themed Accessories

If you want your group to dress the part, view our selection of Western themed decorations and accessories!

  • Photo prop – Place these photo props on the table so kids can put their faces in it and have their picture taken! A great way to make memories at camp.
  • Masks – Kids can really get into character with these half-masks! “We used these for our Wild Wild West camp and it was a blast. The campers and staff loved them.” – Camp Ketcha, Scarborough, ME
  • Vests – Kids can really get into the cowboy or cowgirl spirit with these fun plastic party verst.
  • Cowboy Hats – Your group can decorate their own western themed hats with permanent markers that come with the kit.  These sturdy molded felt hats will be a cowabunga hit.
  • Bandanas – Kids can accessorize with these red and blue bandanas.
  • Silver Sheriff Badges – These novelties add a whole lot of fun to these two themes.

western farm theme

Get everything you need in one pack! Our Western Night Easy Pack packs so much fun in to one – its boot kickin’ fun! Outfit all your buckaroos with this rootin’ tootin’ pack of Western-themed novelties! Over 50 items. Great for large groups for your summer camp theme.

  • 12 adult Hi-Crown Hats
  • 12 Red and Blue Bandanas
  • 6 Western Cutouts
  • 12 Cow Bells
  • 12 Silver Sheriff Badges 
  • Foam Horseshoes, including 4 horseshoes and 2 foam stakes with bases.

Farm & Country Themed Crafts

Farm Puzzles

Your group can color these small wooden puzzles with markers, then write a quote on the back of each piece. The pack comes with a total of 12 farm animals. Check out what customers had to say below.

vbs theme 2019 farm fresh faith

“These small wooden puzzles are great! They are a good quality and will be a great craft project for us to use at Vacation Bible School. Thanks!” – Cindy, Nashville

“Old MacDonald’s farm in puzzle form – these are great interactive toys for group play and fine motor skill development.” – Annabett, Pittsburgh

Farm Themed Banks

Set up a station at your camp or rec program where kids decorate their own cow or pig banks with acrylic paint. Choose a craft kit that comes with all of the materials, or the individual packs of the cow or pig bank. This is a great opportunity to also teach your group about saving money!

farm theme summer camp

“I used this product as part of a financial literacy program for a summer camp.” – Wenda, Chicago IL

“These pigs are great for both our summer camps ages 5-8 and 8-12. The kids and parents love them. Overall it is a fun project. we have used the paint provided, our own paint and permanent markers.” – Summer Camp Counselor, Indiana

“We run a variety of day camps at our nature center and every day has a different theme. This was our “farm” day theme and the kids LOVED them. Being an environmental educator, our craft parameters are that things need to be made from recycled materials OR be nice enough that they won’t go to the landfill when mom cleans the kid’s room before school starts. These are a quality ceramic that I envision kids using for a long time after camp is over. We buy sharpie markers and puffy paints to decorate. Our group is ages 8-10 years old.” – Educator, Detroit MI

farm themed craft activity

Farm Scene Posters

Add some color to your farm theme with these Paint-A-Dot™ Farm Scenes! The paint is on the paper – so painting this picture is as easy as brushing on the water. This pack of 24 comes with four 8” x 10” size farm and country scenes, 6 of each design on heavyweight cardstock. They also have self-adhesive easel backs for easy display. The paintbrushes and instructions are included. Kids of all ages can enjoy this simple craft activity.

For younger groups, you can have them create these pop up books during craft time as a fun 3D option. Each 6-page book includes a guide with fun facts.

Other Paint-A-Dot™ scenes:

Country Themed Activities

Farm Bingo

Farm bingo activity

Play a game of Farm Bingo at your recreational program! Your group can learn fun facts about windmills, grains, chickens, and everything else around the farm. This game includes player boards, cardstock bingo squares to mark your spot, and informative calling cards. A great game for small groups of 2-6 players.

You can also print your own Bingo cards and use these farm animal counters as props. Check out the idea in this blog that includes printables and other icebreaker ideas.

As a prize for bingo, you can hand out these farm themed bounce balls with animal faces and challenge kids to come up with 3 different games with the balls. Or have them design their own themed balls with our colorable Gator Skin® balls.

farm themed activities

Musical Country Themed Fun

Add some music to your entertainment program by handing out cow bells and other fun instruments, or make them create their own instruments using materials you provide. Each group must create a unique song and perform it for the rest of the group!

If you need a farm themed movement activity for your younger group of kids, have them watch this Visit the Farm DVD and get them moving, singing, and dancing to classic farm music.

Country Themed Sensory Play

Add some sensory fun by creating a country themed sensory bin filled with play dirt (or orange sand) and some garden tools.

country themed sensory bin


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