Activities to Celebrate the 4th of July in Summer Camp

4th of july summer camp

The 4th of July and summer camp have much in common; warm weather, long days spent outside, and large gatherings of friends make both experiences so much more fun. Your campers can celebrate Independence Day with crafts and games that are not only entertaining but will also promote creativity and camaraderie. Take the activities outside to enjoy the summer sunshine and nature, but many of these ideas are indoor-friendly just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Campers will be able to make great memories of summers spent at camp with their friends in a fun and festive way!

Adorn Yourself in Red, White and Blue

summer camp 4th of july

Friendship bracelets are a great way to remember all the special relationships formed at summer camp. These rubber band bracelets can be passed on to new camp friends, all while celebrating the 4th of July with a patriotic color scheme. Each bracelet-making kit comes with enough rubber bands, beads and clips to make more than enough bracelets. Combine with some patriotic colored crown and have a festive July 4th party!

Make sure to remind your campers to come to camp in their most patriotic clothing, and you can have a contest with some fun prizes. Continue the fun with a creative and crafty activity, like making your own jewelry using red, white and blue pony beads. This will allow campers to express their creativity while celebrating the fourth in style!

Spend A Night Under the Stars

4th of july camp

Wouldn’t it be great if you could camp out every night? A string of stars – decorated in red, white and blue, of course – can make summer camp feel like it lasts forever. Cut out star shapes using this craft paper roll or drawing paper and have your group decorate the stars with colored pencils or markers! Use a hole punch and thread a string through each star. Campers can adorn their bunk with patriotic colors at camp or take their stars home for a festive bedroom decoration that will remind them of those unforgettable camp nights. You can also use this Color-Me Star Stringers craft kit (available soon!)

This is also a fun way to have a theme week/day. A “Stars” theme is versatile enough to incorporate so many different activities, like decorating these awesome star-shaped “piggy banks”. To fill out your craft time for this theme you can take advantage of this Patriotic Wood Pin Craft Kit, which is also conveniently red, white and blue! These two crafts are perfect for your July 4th plans and will allow campers to take home trinkets (along with memories) that they will treasure forever!

Hold Onto Camp Memories

summer camp patriotic

Camp memories will always bring people back to some of the happiest times of their life. It’s a time where friends for life are made, and fun is paramount. Why not support those memories by making these patriotic frames adorned with stars and stripes! These frames are the perfect patriotic solution to keep those keepsake photos from camp safe and sound. Not only that, but these frames are a blast to decorate, meaning you now have another fun July 4th craft to add to the schedule.

Have campers write why this picture means so much to them on the back of it (or on a separate piece of paper if they need more space). To keep this with the Independence Day theme, have the campers use these great Patriotic Bursts pencils which they can take home and use when it’s time to go back to school.

Patriotic Games For Friendly Competition

patriotic summer camp

Summer camp wouldn’t be complete without a few outdoor games! Start off with a fun volleyball game or football game using a festive red, white and blue ball (depending on age, you can substitute in this red, white and blue beach ball to make it easier to hit).

Another fun game you can add into the schedule is cornhole. Cornhole is a fun and easy-to-learn game that promotes good sportsmanship and teamwork. This set has a patriotic theme, and the lightweight aluminum boards are easy to move indoors in case of inclement weather.

If the weather does happen to foil some outdoor plans, this Giant Patriots Tumbling Timbers game is an easy activity for the indoors. Kids will love the challenge and skill this game requires, and the red, white and blue theme matches up perfectly.

Take to the skies

summer camp patrioticThe Zing Wing Gliders pack combines crafts and games to make a fun summer camp activity. Campers can decorate their foam gliders with red, white and blue acrylic paint, then race against their friends in a flying competition. The pack comes with 50 gliders, complete with weights to enhance flight. Once the gliders are ready to go, try seeing how far they will go, with patriotic prizes awarded to the airplanes that fly the longest, soar the highest or are decorated most creatively. Campers can cheer each other on by waving American flags. The best part is that when the contest is over, campers will be able to keep their gliders to play with on their own.

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