8 Patriotic Symbols to Celebrate at Your Senior Facility

patriotic symbols senior facility

There are several patriotic holidays and observances throughout the year that you can celebrate and recongize at your senior facility. Below are 6 patriotic symbols with activity ideas from notjustbingo.com for each.

Patriotic Holidays, Observances, & Days of Honor

  • Armed Forces Day –  May 16th
  • Memorial Day – May 25th
  • D-Day – June 6th
  • Flag Day – June 14th
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Labor Day – September 7th
  • Veterans Day – November 11th

1. Uncle Sam

  • Host an Uncle Sam Contest in which residents wear their red, white, and blue to dress like Uncle Sam. In fact, inspire your Activity Staff to wear their Uncle Sam attire for the event as well.
  • Print out and pass around pictures of military recruitment posters for World War II.
  • Reminisce about World War II rations and victory gardens that were implemented to help Uncle Sam win the war.

2. American Flag

  • Organize a Red, White and Blue Fashion Show.
  • Color American flags that can be given out as party favors.
  • Decorate patriotic puzzles that can be given as gifts to the grandkids.

3. Stars and Stripes

  • Decorate and fly patriotic kites outdoors.
  • Make colorful tissue paper stars to use as decoration on each of your residents’ room doors.
  • Sing Yankee Doodle Dandy and other patriotic songs for a Patriotic Sing Along.

4. Betsy Ross

5. Liberty Bell

  • Provide air-dry clay for residents to make their own Liberty Bell.
  • Play a tossing game using bell balls.
  • Organize a Handbell Choir to play handbells to patriotic music.

6. American Eagle

7. Statue of Liberty

  • Assemble Statue of Liberty wood models with residents
  • Host an Armchair Travel and take residents on a visit to the Statue of Liberty 
  • Invite residents to play a fun table game of America-Opoly with the grandchildren

8. White House

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  1. this sounds like fun as a VA&R chairman for American Legion Auxiliary good way to keep everyone active. Going to try a few

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