10 Patriotic Clubs for Seniors on Independence Day

independence day seniors

Independence Day is almost here, and it’s time to get your residents in the patriotic mood. Since each resident has different interests, here are 10 different club activities from notjustbingo.com to add to the day to make sure that you are meeting everyone’s needs.

1. Sewing Club

Invite your Sewing Club to work on a patriotic latch hook project in which members make several flag rugs that can be donated to a local military post or to military families.

2. Beading Club

Make it your Beading Club’s responsibility to make sure that there are enough patriotic necklaces to pass out to visitors on the Fourth. So get the Club started early with making bracelets or necklaces using patriotic beads and jewelry cording.

3. Craft Club

Get your Craft Club involved by having them make tissue paper stars that can be displayed throughout your facility for the Fourth. Simply roll tissue paper squares into small balls before gluing them onto Styrofoam stars.

4. Science Club

Grab the attention of the science buffs in your facility by making them in charge of blasting off the rockets. Encourage them to have fun adding Alka-Seltzer tablets (the rocket fuel) to make the rockets soar. Consider having a competition to see whose rocket soars the highest.

5. Kite Club

Use a kite kit and have residents decorate and assemble patriotic kites before going outdoors to fly them. If the grandchildren are nearby, ask them to help fly the kites too.

6. Decorator Club

Early in the day, invite the Decorator Club to help make the common areas in your facility more festive. Inflate patriotic balloons for residents to tie throughout your facility. Also, don’t forget about the rooms of your bedridden residents. Be sure to add several balloons to the bedposts of your residents who will not be able to leave their rooms for the holiday.

7. Table Setting Club

Recruit residents to assist with decorating the Dining Room tables for your patriotic meal. Use patriotic centerpieces for each of the tables and add in red, white, and blue napkins at the place settings.

8. Exercise Club

Use a patriotic parachute to get residents moving and having fun. Be sure to add in patriotic balloons on top of the parachute for residents to bounce them up and down.

9. Trivia Club

Spend time quizzing your residents about their knowledge of all things Americana using American trivia questions. During the activity, divide residents into teams to compete against one another. At the end of the competition, award star trophies to the winning team.

10. Word Search Club

Finally, make copies of patriotic word search puzzles to hand out to residents to see who can complete their puzzle first. Pass out mini flags to all your participants.

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