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 S&S Original Products Exclusive

Product Creation



These custom velvet creations are designed by our team here at S&S. Choose from themed posters, inspirational messaging, ornaments, postcards, decorative crafts, 3-D designs and so much more. Velvet Art inspires results of a vibrant color pop and creators love the sensory stimulation of the soft tuxture. 



Velvet Art To Go


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Your favorite games in giant size!  Taking popular board and table games and making them come to life is something that we love experimenting with. Participants not only have more fun, but it helps them to be more physically active too!


Mondo Mancala


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Unique Projects that we've designed for your unique needs, AND you can only find them here! 








Everyone loves puzzles, but many of our customers have clients or students with special needs that may not be able to see or work with small puzzle pieces. Our Thera Jigstick Puzzles, EZ Puzzles and Crossword Puzzles are designed for everyone! 






Toss 'n Talk-About®


Our Toss 'n Talk-About Balls are one of our most popular items! Perfect for an ice breaker, conversation starter, awareness about important topics, or just plain old fun.  Players simply toss, catch, read and react.



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We've created activities and crafts to encourage your group to work together and to promote cooperation and team work in your program. 


Run Mat
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Team Run Mat





Exercise and Sports


Physical Activity is what keeps us healthy and support our brain function. We love designing products that get people moving and having fun!  


Slammo XL
Bounce Football
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