Velvet Art Mandala Coloring Craft Project

mandala coloring project

Our Velvet Art Mandalas come in a pack of 40, with 10 each of 4 different designs for your group to choose from. Velvet Art is one of our best selling items, with raised black velvet areas that make it easy to stay in the lines. Mandala designs are always very popular for crafting! You can use markers or colored pencils for this craft activity. For the video tutorial, we used colored pencils. You can even accent the finished colored projects with glitter glue or gems for extra sparkle!


Other material options:

Watch as the blank canvas turns into a colorful work of art! You can use some blending coloring techniques to add a more gradual contrast between each color and blank space. Or, simply fill out each space with the colors of your choice. Each mandala will come out unique and colorful!

We would love to see your finished mandalas colored in! Share in the comments section, or go to our website and write a review!

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