Christmas Tree & Santa Coloring Craft for Kids

christmas tree and santa craft

Santa Claus is an icon of the Christmas holiday and it is always fun to plan some santa themed crafts for your program! Our Color Me™ Cardboard Santa And Tree craft comes with simple punch-out and fold designs. The pack of 48 comes with 24 each of Santa and 24 Christmas trees with presents. They are double sided, and self standing! Display your finished projects as a fun holiday decoration. All you need are decorating materials – use markers (or crayons) and decorate with glitter, gems, and more!

Materials needed:

Optional Materials:


Before you start, punch out all of the elements of the kit so they can be decorated easily.


color me santa

Once you have punched out the Santa design, use a red marker to color his gloves, hat, and suit. Then, you can shade in his face with a marker, crayon, or paint. Tip: Move the marker side by side to make little circles – this helps avoid marker lines and gives a smoother look. 

For the beard, you can choose not to color the white surface, or use white paint to make it stand out more. Tip: The technique is to put little lumps of paint on the brush so it has different reliefs to give the appearance of a long beard texture. Let it dry.

To add some more flare to our Santa, we used glitter! First, carefully spread some tacky glue on Santa’s red suit. Then, sprinkle the red glitter so it covers all the glue. Let it sit for a few minutes. To remove the excess glitter, place the Santa over a scrap piece of paper or art tray and tap Santa gently. Let the glue dry and then repeat the process with the hat and golden belt buckle. Tip: Work with just one color of glitter at a time and let it dry before you move to the next color, otherwise you can end up with mixed colors. Now Santa really sparkles!

Now glue a white pom pom on Santa’s hat’s tip! Then, color his gift sack with a brown marker.

santa christmas craft

Once you are done decorating, you can use the cardboard tab and fold Santa at the designated folding spot, then hook the tab into the small lip. Attach the sack to the slit in his glove. Now Santa stands up and is carring his bag!


presents christmas craft

Pick any color markers you would like to use for the presents and bows. The more colorful, the more fun! We used pink, orange, yellow, green, red, blue, and purple. Two of the presents are striped, and one is polka dots. Once you color them, fold the presents back and insert the tab into the small lip. Then insert the bows into the top slots.

Christmas Tree:

christmas tree craft

Color both sections of the tree with a green marker. Use glue to add colorful sequins that look like ornaments! You can have a lot of fun decorating the tree with other craft trims as well, like mini pom poms and chenille stems for garland. Color the star with yellow marker, then add glue and gold glitter so it sparkles as if it is lit up for the season. Then put the tree together by placing the tree half with the bottom slit into the tree half with the top slit. It will stand up!

Add the presents under the tree for a cute Christmas decoration scene! And don’t forget to also add Santa!

christmas santa and tree craft

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