Tie Dye Watermelon Backpacks – DIY Craft for Kids

tie dye watermelon backpack

Plan some fun summer activities you can do with a group of kid! Whether you are looking for summer camp ideas, recreational activities, or just a sunny day craft activity to do outdoors, your group will love this watermelon tie dye backpack activity. Nothing screams summer than watermelon! So let’s get started on how to create a fun and super simple watermelon backpack.


kids tie dye craft

Tie Dye Watermelon Backpack Instructions:

Step 1:
Layout your backpack flat. Going from side to side, gather so that it’s in one long piece. This will allow your watermelon to be vertical when finished. Wrap two rubber bands around creating three sections. The middle section doesn’t have to be too large since this will end up being your rind of your watermelon.

tie dye step 1

Step 2:
If you are using powdered fabric dye, add some water to the containers.

tie dye step 2

Step 3:
Place your backpack and your fabric dyes into a container that can get messy. This will help protect your area and remember to always wear gloves. *(from some of the photos, you can see that we use cookie cooling racks as this allows the dye to drip down and not mix into areas. Don’t worry, we only use these for tie dye)

tie dye step 3

Step 4:
Now dip your backpack into some water. It doesn’t have to be soaking wet so squeeze out any excess water but having the fabric damp helps the dye absorb better and not run off the fabric.

tie dye step 4

Step 5:
On one end use the red fabric dye and use the green dye on the other end. You don’t have to go right up to the rubber bands with the dye since it will spread.

tie dye step 5

tie dye activity

Step 6:
Using clear plastic wrap (saran wrap), wrap up your backpack. Using this plastic vs. a baggie will keep the colors from mixing.

tie dye step 6

Step 7:
Let this sit for a few hours or overnight. Then wash alone in cold water. You can let it air dry or toss in the dryer.

tie dye step 7

Step 8:
Once it’s dry, then use a permanent marker to draw on the seeds of your watermelon. You’re all set for some summer fun with your very own, handmade Watermelon Backpack.

tie dye step 8

You can even follow these same steps or change some of the colors and create some fun shirts.

tie dye watermelon shirt

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2 thoughts on “Tie Dye Watermelon Backpacks – DIY Craft for Kids

  1. The supply list says you need soda ash, but don’t see where you need it in the directions.
    What’s it for, and where do you get it?
    Cute idea for my Girl Scout troop!

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