Glowing Glue Art Project for Kids

glowing glue art

Objective: Creating unique artwork in unusual ways!

This is a super simple craft project that kids will love! All you need is some white glue and neon paint on paper.


Step 1:  

Do you have a liquid glue container that is almost empty?  Want to add some fun to regular glue?  Simply add in some drops of paint!  To really make it fun, if you add in Fluorescent Paint, your creation will glow under a Blacklight!

glue art

Step 2. 

Shake up the container to mix the paint and then just start squeezing.

glowing glue craft

Step 3:  

You can draw pictures…

glowing glue craft project

Step 4:

Or you can create fun designs.

glowing art

Step 5:  

Take your creation into a dark room and bring out your blacklight!  We like to use blacklight flashlights so you can move them around to view all of your Glowing creations.

art glowing project

Step 6:  

Let your creation dry and it will be ready to display.  It dries raised and makes it fun to feel!

glowing glue art activity

Happy Creating!

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